Azul is a conscious movement practice and a path of personal transformation that supports the awakening of consciousness. Azul recognizes that, as we transform ourselves, we create the conditions for our world to transform. 

Azul Offerings


Three powerful retreats that use conscious movement combined with a psycho-spiritual approach to engage in a process of healing


An international community of people practicing conscious dance as a pathway for global transformation

Designed to explore individual topics that provide a foundation for the work of personal evolution


Become a teacher of Azul and embark on a path of teaching movement or incorporate this practice in your current work

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Everyone’s invited

Azul is open to all people interested in personal and collective evolution

It is also a useful tool for conscious dance teachers who wish to expand their horizons , for therapists who wish to incorporate movement in their practice, for community and business leaders who desire to create more harmonious and collaborative social and work environments. Ultimately, the path of Azul is an open invitation for all those who wish to engage in a journey of self-realization.

Join Azul and take a journey of awakening consciousness working
with the body’s intelligence

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