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Azul Conscious Movement Retreat

Kripalu Center, MA, USA | May 25-29, 2020


Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
57 Interlaken Road
Stockbridge, MA 01262


Retreat cancelled due to pandemic
We will keep you updated about new details


Check in from 2:15 pm
Starts Monday – 7:30 pm
Ends Friday – 11:00 am

Discover the power of movement to awaken love!

This retreat offers a thorough overview of the Azul conscious dance practice.

One of the core principles of Azul is the connection between body and spirit and the integration of our spirituality and humanity. Working towards this integration supports our understanding that what happens in our human experience is serving our spiritual evolution, and that our human experience is influenced by our soul’s journey.

Science tells us that there is an increased amount of light that is reaching our planet now. From the spiritual perspective this light is illuminating the shadow inside of us like never before. In this retreat we will us the dance to support the journey of embracing our shadow. Utilizing the body’s intelligence to feel and integrate our experiences so that we are more available to love.

What makes this program unique is that it offers a deep dive into the healing waters of the dance and the experience of awakening love!


This program is a great introduction for anyone who is curious to learn about conscious dance. You do not need to have any previous experience in dance. In fact, “conscious dance” is not about dancing! It is about the experience we are having while we are moving.

The program also serves anyone who has begun the journey of self-discovery and would like to explore new tools for personal growth. Movement provides direct access to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our souls journey.

Participants will connect with their dancing body and experience the joy of free movement. The dance acts as a reflective surface where we connect to a deeper sense of self.

Participants will learn to relate to each other through movement and feel the beauty of connecting more intimately to self, other and community. They will leave inspired about life and how to have a more meaningful daily experience.

“Amara pours out the fiercely passionate heart in her teaching practice. I felt guided by her to a deeper intimacy with myself, with others and with the divine (…). Amara skillfully guided us along a moving path, until we arrived at a resting place of compassionate joy.” Kieran Kennedy

“I’ve experienced tremendous growth through Amara’s workshops. My heart is so open.” Steve Gensler

“Amara’s clarity, gentle but firm guidance creates an atmosphere of freedom in expression and exploration. Her spirituality shines through in her teaching which sweeps the group into a level of incredible transformation.” Johanna Furst

“Azul is a dynamic marriage of dance and wisdom pathways connecting in the most natural way. The self healing power of the body, mind and soul.” David Milles

Azul Conscious Movement Retreat ~ Join now!

Tuition $350

Accommodation not included.
Tuition and room to be booked with Kripalu Center directly.


Located on more than 100 beautiful acres in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Kripalu is the largest yoga retreat center in North America. Its peaceful campus is in the middle of the Yokun Ridge  and just minutes from Tanglewood and downtown Lenox.

Surrounded by more than 150 beautiful acres, Kripalu sits on a hilltop, with exquisite views of surrounding woodlands, hills, valleys, and the serene Lake Mahkeenac.

Kripalu offers simplicity and comfort. In the tradition of retreat-style housing, their accommodations are designed to support program experience, without the distraction of televisions, telephones, etc. They offer a range of housing options, from dormitory to single room with private bath.

“Movement provides direct access to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our souls journey”


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