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Azul Online Offering

We hope you will enjoy this guided movement session designed and led by Amara Pagano, the founder of Azul.

It is a a valuable resource to keep you dancing and supported in your movement in life.

This 50 minute guided movement session provides you the opportunity to be on the path of Azul at home.

Centering and Expanding

Enjoy this Azul Online Offering which focuses on the aspects of being Centered and Expanded.

We live in times where there is a lot of shadow that is emerging into the light of awareness. It is healthy what is happening, allowing the possibility of transformation, but it creates some turbulence personally and collectively.

May this offering help you strengthen your connection to center and feel the power that allows the expansion needed to navigate the “new” that wants to emerge.

“We do this work until all that is left is love.” Amara

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