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Azul Orientations ~ Online Offerings

Welcome to the Online Offerings exploring the 4 Orientations of Azul.

These 50 minute guided movement sessions created by Amara provide you the opportunity to be on the path of Azul at home.

The 4 Orientations are one of the foundations of Azul and support our dance with life.

The orientations are: Listening, Allowing, Opening and Moving Towards.


Is the basis of it all. Our primary focus on the dance floor is cultivating and practicing our capacity to listen through the body.


Represents our ability to accept life to be as it is. It is to simply not resist what is happening and not limit our experience of it.


Is that which extends us further. There is choice in opening: we can choose to open our heart, we choose to open to the moment. And that opening is what creates space.

Moving Towards

Roots us in the certainty that everything in life is part of our growth. Moving towards our pain is the first powerful step in moving towards personal freedom. It is moving towards that transforms suffering into joy.

 “We do this work until all that is left is love.”  Amara

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