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Azul Conscious Movement Workshop

Awakening Embodiment

Salzburg, Austria | 24-26 September 2021

Zurich, Switzerland | 15-17 October 2021 New date

Embodiment is allowing our heart, mind, and body to exist as one miraculous skin.

The word embodiment points us towards the relation with our physical body and – most important – with our bodies capacity to feel.

The body is equipped with an autonomous function that supports our life without our consciousness having to drive it. This function is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. The body also has a more subtle function connected to our consciousness, that is to feel what is happening. Feeling is what informs our responses, our movements and facilitates digesting the emotional content of our lives.

In our modern world, most of us have lost our ability to fully feel the internal impulses that connect us to a clearly felt sense of selves. “Awakening Our Embodiment” is a process of reconnecting to this felt sense – tending to the numb layers and awakening the innate sensitivity of the body. It is a journey of relaxation and release, deep listening and honouring what our internal navigation system is showing us. Using movement combined with a psycho-spiritual approach, we will come back home to ourselves and experience the beauty and fullness of embodiment.

Salzburg, Austria


Full weekend: €210 Full price (Early Bird €180 till August 15, 2021)

Friday open evening €25


Akademiestraße 21, 5020 Salzburg


Friday to Sunday
24-26 September 2021


Fri 19:15-21:45
Sat 10:30-17:30
Sun 10:30-16:30

to register

Gerlinde Luger
tel +43 650 699 0500

Zurich, Switzerland


Full weekend: CHF 340 Full price (Early Bird CHF 295 till September 1, 2021)


GZ Hottingen, Hottingersaal
Gemeindestr. 54, 8032 Zürich


Friday to Sunday
15-17 October 2021
New date


Fri 19:00-22:00
Sat 10:30-17:00
Sun 10:30-16:00

to register

Stefan Gut
tel: +41 (0)79 628 23 75
online registration

Dance enables us to feel our body,
to rise above, to go beyond.

Martha Graham

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