Healing Masculine and Feminine Earthdance 2020 - The Path of Azul
Artwork: Vladimir Kush
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Azul Retreat

September 2-7, 2020
Earthdance, MA, USA


252 Prospect Street
Plainfield, MA 01070


September 2-7


Check in starts 3:00 pm
First session 7:00 pm
Ends 1:00 pm

One way to describe union is the integrating of the masculine and feminine within us. In our journey towards union we inevitably encounter the ways that these aspects of life force have become distorted and perpetuate destruction in our lives. As we move towards union it is necessary to heal the wounded masculine and feminine energies in us that manifest in our relationship with self and other.

In “Healing the Masculine and Feminine Within” we will use the Azul Spiral to take steps in understanding how these energies manifest in us and to tend to the core healing that allows us to experience positive pleasure and the joy of these energies dancing together in creation.

“So much of the distortion of the feminine and masculine comes from the wounded child – from the desire for exclusive love. The aggressive one, which is the distorted masculine, looks to receive exclusive love through aggression, or a display of superiority and independence. The submissive one, which is the distorted feminine, tries to get exclusive love by turning into a defenseless victim. One complements the other in this war of the sexes, which has caused so much suffering throughout the ages.” Prem Baba

Earthdance Umbrella Studio

Retreat is hosted by Earthdance – a center for dance and creative expression.

Earthdance has been maintaining a beautiful facility in the Pioneer Valley for three decades. It is located in the hills of Western Massachusetts.

The center offers a large and sunny dance hall with maple floors. It is amazing space for movement experience. Through the circle of windows, it offers a view to an apple orchard, an old foundation, and a meadow of soft grasses.

Facility offers also a wood-stove sauna nestled in the woods.

“I am grateful that I could break from my walls of prison and numbness that I could not “move”, to feel and experience love and connection to all beings. To go through the process was a big healing for my fears and anger and sense of separation towards my true self shining light and love which I want to spread from now. Thank you so much Amara for this wonderful work and that I could dance with you.” Julia, Switzerland

“I’m so happy that I found dancing, especially Azul to discover myself. For me it’s joy, pleasure, fun, love and therapy in one. It’s joyful and painful in the same time. It’s a wonderful and mystical path for me. Thank you Amara for your work and the love you spread” Marco, Switzerland

“It was the best course of partnership we could have done. I’m coming home. Thank you so much for getting an idea of what coming home means: to appreciate every situation, every human being to come back to myself, and have the experience of God in my cells.” Eva, Germany

Join Healing Masculine & Feminine

Tuition $695

Early bird $625.50 till July 15, 2020

Accommodation not included to be booked separately. 
Please scroll down for accommodation packages options.


Before registering for the Azul retreat, please make sure you meet at least one of the pre-requisites below:

~ You have attended one or more workshops with Amara

~ You have attended one or more conscious dance workshops (5Rhythms®, SoulMotion™ or other movement modalities)

~ You have experience in other forms of psychological or spiritual healing work

~ You are a therapist and/or use movement in your healing practice

If you do not meet at least one of the above pre-requisites, please email info@pathofazul.com to discuss your participation.


Accommodation will be provided by Nine Mountain Center located next door to Earthdance.


The dorm-style guest rooms contain beautiful wood beds furnished with cotton sheets, pillows, and season-appropriate bedding, as do the private guest rooms.


Shared washrooms on every floor are stocked with natural cleansing products and recyclable toweling.


Accommodation Packages

Private Room Single

Single room for one person
1 double or queen size bed
Shared bathroom
Price: $975

Private Room Double

Single room for two people
1 double or queen size bed
Shared bathroom
Price: $795

Dorm Room

5-6 single beds per room
Shared bathroom
Price: $675


Accommodation offsite
Full meal plan
Price: $500

Prices for 5 nights include accommodation, access to the unique space of the facility and 3 vegetarian buffet meals per day prepared with love. You will enjoy a delicious, seasonal and locally-sourced organic food, family style.

During your free time you can relax your body in the outdoor hot tub that fits 6-8 for a soak under the stars.


252 Prospect Street, Plainfield, MA 01070

Click here for more information about how to get to Earthdance

For more information write to us at info@pathofazul.com

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