A path of personal transformation

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We hope it speaks to your imagination and inspires you to ride the spiral of Azul.


Azul is a conscious movement practice and a path of personal transformation that supports the awakening of consciousness. Azul recognizes that, as we transform ourselves, we create the conditions for our world to transform. 

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The Azul Trilogy is a three part program that provides a deep container for personal healing and transformation.  Each of the three retreats offers an immersion experience in a 6-day conscious dance retreat. See how the Trilogy was designed to support you in aligning with your deepest potential

Single red spiral

Six Doorways to Love  

Engage in a deep process of healing

Single green spiral

Three Portals of Healing 

Harmonize with your past

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Lower & Higher Self  

Set yourself free

Teacher Training

The Azul Teacher Training is an experiential program designed to prepare individuals to become channels of this work into the world. It is articulated in two 10 day modules offered over a 12 month period. 

Amara Pagano Azul Conscious Dance (1)

Amara Pagano

“I have always felt the evolutionary pull towards growth and healing. It has propelled me in this lifetime. When I discovered at 20 that I could combine my love of dance with healing, a whole world opened. This is the world I have been exploring ever since”



Building a culture from the inside out

On the path of Azul we are committed to the six core values of Honesty, Kindness, Self-Responsibility, Service, Dedication and Beauty


The outer world is nothing but the collective reflection of our inner life experience, and our individual growth affects and contributes to global evolution

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Everyone’s invited

Azul is open to all people interested in personal and collective evolution

It is also a useful tool for conscious dance teachers who wish to expand their horizons , for therapists who wish to incorporate movement in their practice, for community and business leaders who desire to create more harmonious and collaborative social and work environments. Ultimately, the path of Azul is an open invitation for all those who wish to engage in a journey of self-realization.

Join Azul and take a journey of awakening consciousness working
with the body’s intelligence

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