Healing  Masculine and  Feminine


Your body is designed
to experience pleasure

… and your brain is wired to seek it!

Kisslegg, Germany 23-28 September 2022


Healthy pleasures

We experience pleasure through our senses. However, when pleasure gets connected to unhealthy or unconscious behaviors, it inevitably ends up hurting ourselves and others.

The secret is to re-connect the experience of pleasure to what is nurturing, positive and uplifting to ourselves and others.

How can you re-connect to healthy pleasure?

In order to shift from negative to positive oriented pleasure we need to understand the cause.

This is discovered through inquiring into the way that masculine and feminine aspects of energy move and express in your life. As this comes into clarity it reveals where the patterns come from in your story and allows you to heal and harmonize these energies.

This brings you to a place where you are able to experience positive pleasure and healthy relations in all areas of your life.

Take a major step towards healing!

In this retreat, you will experience how masculine and feminine energies express in your life and how they relate to your areas of struggle. The process is held by a clear map that brings understanding to your souls journey and provides tools that facilitates the healing process.

Two aspects
of one energy

Masculine and feminine energies are not gender related. We all possess and express them both, regardless of our biological or sexual orientation.

They are two aspects of one energy that blend uniquely in each of us as a reflection of our souls journey and lifetime learning.

You will receive…

Clear reflection of how your masculine and feminine energy express in your life

Embodied understanding of how these energies operate and how their shadows affect your relations

Awareness of your unique balance of masculine and feminine that reflects your souls journey

A simple map that will enable you to understand how to engage more directly in healing these energies

Practical tools to increase your ability to sustain positive pleasure

Direct experience of the positive pleasure of a clear masculine and feminine

What participants say about this program

It was the best course of partnership we could have done. I’m coming home. Thank you so much for getting an idea of what coming home means: to appreciate every situation, every human being to come back to myself, and have the experience of God in my cells.

Eva, Germany

Amara pours out the fiercely passionate heart in her teaching practice. I felt guided by her to a deeper intimacy with myself, with others and with the divine (…). Amara skillfully guided us along a moving path, until we arrived at a resting place of compassionate joy.

Kieran, CA, USA

There is no better moment than now!

Our planet and our children are are needing us. The time is now.

I believe we have chosen to be a part of this moment of change and do all we can to elevate consciousness.

Join me!

Join Healing Masculine
and Feminine!

6 day retreat with Amara Pagano


Sonnenstrahl Center
Sebastian-Kneipp-Strasse 1
Kisslegg, Germany


Friday to Wednesday
23-28 September


Check in from 1:00 pm
Starts 7:00 pm
Ends 12:00 pm (noon)

Accommodation and meals not included, to be booked directly with Sonnenstrahl Center
Please scroll down for accommodation and commuter rates

Sonnenstrahl Center

Located in the beautiful Allgau countryside, with access to a lake and nature trails, Sonnenstrahl is the perfect place for your retreat.

Spacious rooms are free of electronic devices and radio waves to provide environment for a peaceful night sleep.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the bar.

There is a heated pool and sauna on site to enjoy and relax the body.

Several accommodation options available: single, double, multi rooms and camping. Please see below for details.

Accommodation Prices

  • Single Room Private Bath € 102
  • Double Room with Private Bath € 88
  • Single and Double Room Shared Bath € 74/77
  • Dormitory with Shared Bath €67
  • Camping €51
  • Offsite day pass €44

Prices are per night and include 3 vegetarian buffet meals a day, access to the facility, pool.

Please note that if you don’t stay at Sonnenstrahl, the Center requires that you purchase an offsite day pass. The day pass includes access to the facility, pool and meals.

Please check in at the Sonnenstrahl front desk upon arrival.

“It is fatal to be a man or woman
pure and simple – one must be
a balance of the sacred feminine
and the sacred masculine.”

Virginia Woolf