Welcome to the onedance archives.

This page connects you to all the global events that were broadcasted from Earth Day 2014 to International Peace Day 2015.

Over 12,000 people from all continents joined these onedance events that were global peace prayers! This  reflects the spirit of OneDanceTribe, and its mission to contribute to the creation of a unified and peaceful global society.

Now you can enjoy these offerings anytime you need to dance!

Click on the onedance# link to go to the event page where you can stream the class and read about the teacher and the contributing artists.
onedance #1   Amara Pagano – Maui, Hawaii

onedance #2   Katrina Curry ~ Sacramento, California (USA)

onedance #3  Amara Pagano – Maui, Hawaii

onedance #4   Ronny Temple ~ Olympia, Washington (USA)

onedance #5   Jenny Macke ~ Bellingham, Washington (USA)

onedance #6   Michelle Mahrer – Sydney, Australia

onedance #7   Michael Molin-Skelton ~ Portland, Oregon  (USA)

onedance #8  David Juriansz ~ Melbourne, Australia

onedance #9   Dayashakti Geeti ~ Sydney, Australia

onedance #10  Kari Luehman ~ Camden, Maine (USA)

onedance #11   Gabriella Johanns – Zurich, Switzerland

onedance #12   David Mooney ~ Dublin, Ireland

onedance #13  Sangeet Portalski ~ Bilbao, Spain

onedance #14   Tess Howell ~ Brighton, UK

onedance #15   Amara Pagano – Maui, Hawaii

onedance #16    Amara Pagano – Maui, Hawaii

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