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The ONEDANCE webcasts consist of one hour of music and guidance offered by international conscious movement teachers of different modalities who though at OneDanceTribe. Each session is an open invitation for anyone, anywhere to access free music and dance for peace.

This session was created by Kari Luehman

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Kari Luehman first found herself in 5Rhythms class in 2001 and has been immersed ever since. Her love of motion and spirit kept her moving toward any and all conscious dance workshops and experiences until she trained with Gabrielle Roth in 2004 to become a certified 5Rhythms teacher.

5Rhythms is a conscious dance practice that offers a depth of wisdom for body, mind, and soul, and Kari is grateful to both practice and teach this profound form of movement medicine. 5Rhythms is about paying attention to the way energy moves and developing a willingness to be real, and connect from that place,  to all that we find ourselves moving through on the dance floor and in life.

5Rhythms is a rich practice that continually reveals new and known physical, emotional and spiritual maps to explore in the perfect moments.  In addition to teaching 5Rhythms to both kids and adults, Kari works for Slow Money Maine and acts/dances in local theatre and dance companies. Kari lives in Hope, Maine with her daughter Sadie, and teaches in Maine and beyond.

You can contact Kari at 5Rhythmsme@gmail.com


  1. Lotus heart ~ Desert Dwellers 9:09
  2. Into the spirit ~ Scott Huckabay 4:43
  3. Jenna’s Lullaby ~ Rara Avis 8:05
  4. Rendezvous ~ Forefeather 4:32
  5. Dunfubky ~ Rara Avis 4:39
  6. Ohm ~ Adam Shaikh 6:49
  7. Move U ~ Deya Dova 5:08
  8. Constellation ~ Legion of Green Men 7:40
  9. KIYO ~ Deya Dova 3:51
  10. Bloom ~ Deya Dova 4:04
  11. Human Nature ~ Beautiful Chorus 4:51
  12. Guru Om ~ Rara Avis 5:57
  13. Jewel in The Heart ~ Inanna 7:02
  14. Twameva Mata ~ Mike Cohen 2:55
  15. Peaceful Om’s ~ Desert Dwellers 1:27

OneDanceTribe wishes to thank and acknowledge the artists who have contributed to this production with their music


Forefeather, a renowned indie-rap musician, brings you his melodic, magnetic and highly danceable style of underground hip-hop, funk, folk and reggae, blended with the mindfulness and world sounds cultivated from his pilgrimage to India and personal journey as a yogi. Join one of the country’s fastest-rising artists to immerse in and be moved by his soulful and uniquely dynamic style that has been showcased at venues in Minneapolis, Los Angelos, at the Kripalu Center in Lennox, MA and on numerous national tours. His latest album, 3Rhythms, is a showcase of his masterful lyrical flow, inspired by and including the sounds of India, with a foundation of the hip-hop he grew up revering and performing in his original Minneapolis music scene and now beyond.  An amazing and inspiring talent, experiencing the sounds of Forefeather is a meditative and transcendental joy.



Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe. Together they are one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo artists hailing from the United States, having released over a dozen full length albums, several DD remixed albums, as well as countless singles. Bringing the electronic bass music vibe to the yoga scene, and the sounds of yoga to the electronic dance scene, Desert Dwellers’ global sounds are the bridge between worlds.Joining solid groove with sounds of serenity, their signature aesthetic feels as natural on the dance floor as it does after hours or on the mat. Due in no small part to Desert Dwellers’ pioneering spirit, the very concept of chill-out and sacred bass music has expanded dramatically. Skillfully blending deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and culture-crossing instrumentation into a sonic incense for mind and body, Desert Dwellers offers a spellbinding hybrid with echoes of our tribal past and future. These two sound alchemists offer cutting edge techniques that blend the modern edge of electronica with the ancient sounds of cultures past. The result has been the prolific production of genre blending dance tracks and downtempo grooves that make for truly memorable listening experiences.


Rara Avis is a West Coast based producer, performer, multi-instrumentalist. See raraavismusic.com  Rara’s live sets are a mixture of guitar, vocals, and dj techniques that combine pre-produced original studio music with live electronic elements to create a truly original, shamanic, heart felt transmission of music for embodiment.

For almost 10 years he has been one-third of the ground breaking trio known as Desert Dwellers. He has also been an integral part of the Shaman’s Dream Music Collective, first as a part of the live LA based World Music ensemble, and then in the studio as a co-producer on the celebrated releases “Kerala Dream” and “Dance Dream Dance”. For the past 3 years he has also been CEO and co-founder of Yogi Tunes. We wish to give thank to the generosity of Yogitunes for giving ONEDANCE access to a portion of their library in the creation of these offerings.

Adam Shaikh  From mossy mountain forests on the west coast of Canada, Global Electronics Producer, Film Composer, Sound Designer Adham Shaikh weaves global music tapestries that take listeners on sonic journeys transcending time and place. Adham’s sets can be described as ever evolving blends of deep original global grooves, tribal rhythms, west coast bass, complex dub and lush downtempo atmospheres. From a one man show equipped with drum machines, ipads, and synths, all the way to his 10 piece Outworld Orkestra, amassed from a collection of the world’s finest fusionists, dancers, and visual artists performing his music live. Adham’s music traverses diverse landscapes and times, connecting the listener with a kaleidoscope of cultures.



Deya Dova  Hailing from the expansive Nullarbor desert in Australia and currently based in the Byron Bay area, it is like Singer Producer DEYA DOVA fell out of the stars on an ancient piece of space rock. One of the few female electronic producers and a ground breaking vocalist recording live at sacred sites, Deya Dova fuses the earthy human-ness and sensual power of her voice with the cutting edge futurism of Global Bass music. Synthesizing ancient Songlines / Tribal voices and evocative Story telling with Cinematic soundscapes, Whomping bass, textural Glitch and Totemic beats, Deya Dova invokes a mythic temple vibe and brings euphoric tribalism to the dance floor.nvokes a mythic temple vibe and brings euphoric tribalism to the dance floor.


Guitar Avatar, Scott Huckabay creates a contemporary, shamanistic musical style, inspiring trance states resonant with the heart chakra, creating sounds at 528 Hz, an ancient frequency that induces feelings of love and healing.

Scott has performed with such artists as Chicago, Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bonnie Raitt, Albert Lee, Buffy Saint-Marie, Shadowfax, Jackson Browne, John Trudell, Toni Childs, Sarah McLachlan, Pierre Bensusan, Ram Das, Hapa, Bob Weir, Randy Hanson, and performed at various festivals, theatres, stadiums, and coffee houses across the U.S….and throughout the world!



Michael H. Cohen is an internationally renowned Kirtan artist, teacher, healer and leader who guides Kirtan participants into unparalleled heights of joy, energy and awareness through his unforgettable and intoxicating style of Kirtan music. Referred to as “Dattatreya Kirtan” his music blends Eastern mantra and Western grooves in creative compositions that Yoga Chicago Magazine described as “inspiring, addictive and highly-chantable”. Mike’s recordings – Om Dattatreya (2009) and Soul Contact (2012) – were produced by Grammy Award winner Jeff Ciampa and have both received critical acclaim. Leaning on his unique background in jazz, embodied leadership, spirituality and energetics expressed through the Dattatreya lineage of the Indian Saint Shirdi Sai Baba, Mike invites Kirtan participants through their hearts and into the Heart of the Divine.

www.mikecohenkirtan.com and www.yogi-tunes.com



Legion of Green Men Alexander Addicus and Legion of Green Men Rupert J. Lloyd have applied their warped visions of ambient breakbeat, dub and trip-hop to sampling experimentation under such messed-up aliases as Zeuxis & the Painted Grapes, Empirical Sleeping Consort, Alkahest and, most often, Legion of Green Men. Based in the relatively quiet metropolis of Burlington, Ontario, the duo formed their own Post Contemporary label in the early ’90s and organized around a production team named Incarnate. Two 1994 releases as Legion of Green Men, the single “Midnight Genius” and debut LP Spatial Specific, earned Addicus and Lloyd a bit of credibility around the country and gave them a record-distribution deal through fellow Canadian Richie Hawtin‘s Plus 8 label. Virgin Canada picked up the baton too, giving the album worldwide release. The duo had already moved on however, with the debut of dub alias Zeuxis & the Painted Grapes for a 1995 LP titled Mystic Songs from the Sanitorium, released through Post Contemporary. They also recorded EPs as Incarnate and Alkahest before dropping their long-awaited sophomore album as Legion of Green Men, 1999’s Floating in Shallow Water.




Donna De Lory  with a string of best-selling and much-loved albums—including Bliss (2000), In the Glow (2003), The Lover and The Beloved (2004), Sky is Open (2006), Sanctuary (2008), Remixes (2010) and The Unchanging (2013)— has become one of the reigning queens of world devotional music. Before dedicating her life to singing sacred mantras and lyrics of spiritual aspiration, De Lory traveled the globe for 20 years as a backup singer and dancer for Madonna, appearing in the documentary film Truth or Dare and on stage with the pop icon during numerous legendary tours. De Lory’s own music combines sparkling pop savvy with a deeply felt sense of spirituality, and has won her a strong fan base in the yoga/conscious living community and beyond. Embracing styles as diverse as Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian classical and contemporary electronica, De Lory’s musical perspective is as wide as the world itself. -Alan di Perna




Beautiful Chorus is comprised of 12 women who have created two new forms of intensely celestial meditation – Rhythmic Meditation and Resonance Meditation. Dedicated to the expansion of all things beautiful, the ladies of BC sign in undulating waves of harmonic bliss, sometimes with the accompaniment of chakra-aligned, crystal singing bowls. In group meditations, they have performed for upwards of 1,000 people at a time, and in intimate settings have provided private sessions of meditation for individuals and small groups. Their sound is unlike any other, and to hear them live is a very special treat, as their voices dance around those who listen.


Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm was conceived in Alna, Maine, in 1989,  in the context of a drum class under the tutelage of John McDowell, who offered the wise guidance that if you want to improve as a musician, “play out”, i.e.., start performing.  Their first official gig was on the Winter Solstice 1989, which is the holiday of the Goddess Inanna, whose myth recounts Her descent and reemergence from the underworld.  Some versions of the myth describe her being called back to the upper world through the sound of the drum. At that first concert the women of Inanna witnessed the power of the drum in its role of building conscious community and of cultivating great joy.  To quote musician and composer Reinhard Flatischler, “Drumming is one of the most pleasurable, simple and radical accesses to the Here and Now, to the total experience of the present moment.  And that is extremely healing.” Inanna’s repertoire includes a variety of drums: West African dununs (bass drums), djembes, congas, kpanlogo, sabar, surdo, doumbek, frame drums: tar, bodhran, tambourine, riq, kanjira, and melodic percussion such as the balafon, kalimba, and hammered dulcimer. Rhythmic texture is enhanced with bells, shakers, cymbals, tibetan bowls, chimes, claves and wood blocks.  Their vocals are distinctive in that Inanna utilizes Western harmonies, and their melodies also include the violin and ukelele.