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The ONEDANCE webcasts consist of one hour of music and guidance offered by international conscious movement teachers of different modalities who though at OneDanceTribe. Each session is an open invitation for anyone, anywhere to access free music and dance for peace.

This session was created by Katrina Curry

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Soul Motion™

Katrina Curry is a lover of dance-movement, embodied creative play, and improvisation. She is a Certified Soul Motion Teacher living, teaching, and learning in Sacramento, CA. She is also a Somatic Psychotherapist, a Certified Art Therapist, and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She invites all beings to join the dance, to come home to the present moment, sing the song and breathe the prayer of one’s own being, and rise up tall into all one has to offer in the pulse of kind-hearted community. Katrina teaches Soul Motion living and teaching in Sacramento, CA.



1. Bija ~ Todd Norian   28:06

2. Helms In The Morning~ Morgan Doctor  7:05

3. Tell It By Heart ~  Jami Sieber  5:49

4. Albilynn Du Sud  ~  Morgan Doctor   6:56

5. Edge of My Soul  ~ Jami Sieber 6:38

6. Pavan Pavan ~ Jai-Jagdeesh 8:27

7. In Dreams ~ Jai-Jagdeesh 7:47

8. A common Music ~ Jami Sieber

OneDanceTribe wishes to thank and acknowledge the artists who have contributed to this production with their music


Todd Norian  teaches yoga with the heartfelt intention to awaken others to their inherent potential for unlimited joy, vitality, and fulfillment. Founder of Ashaya Yoga™, Todd’s style is one of precise bio-mechanical alignment infused with heart. He excels at making deep philosophical teachings accessible and relatable. With warmth and humor, Todd creates a space of sublime transformation in which students can step into the power of their own heart and spirit.

A student of yoga since 1980, Todd studied Iyengar Yoga for three years; lived, studied, and became a yoga teacher-trainer at Kripalu Center over a span of 13 years; and taught Anusara Yoga™ internationally for 15 years. He continues to study extensively with several Tantric scholars, including Paul Muller-Ortega and Professor Douglas Brooks. Todd teaches workshops and trainings internationally and is a talented musician who has created several CDs of music for yoga. For more information, please visit www.ashayayoga.com

Todd’s Nija is part of the Yogitunes library. We wish to thank Yogitunes for giving ONEDANCE access to a portion of their library to create these offerings. Please visit www.yogi-tunes.com


Morgan Doctor first picked up drumsticks when she was 10 years old. From Junior high band to Radio City Music Hall, her career has been nothing less than expansive and inspiring. She has played over a thousand dates all over the US, Canada and Europe.  Morgan Doctor has performed and appeared from live National TV (MTV Live, MTV CRIBS, MTV Total Request Live, IFC, CNN, Craig Ferguson, etc) and live radio shows, awards ceremonies, TV and radio commercials, sold out theaters and arenas, music videos, and countless full length Albums. Also performing and winning at MTV LOGO’s “Artist on the Brink” Award for 2008 with The Cliks.

Morgan’s session drumming has turned up on TV and Film Soundtracks including the CBC Metro Morning, The L Word, and Grey’s Anatomy. Morgan is a big advocate of music education and teaches at Girls Rock Camp Toronto as a drum instructor and band coach. In 2006 Morgan signed with Aporia Records and has released three solo albums with them.  Her most recent release, “Major Over Minor” is her first full length instrumental album. “… it is a rare musician who can make an instrumental album that seems confessional” – Toronto Star.



Jami Sieber, a pioneer of the electric cello, has been creating lush and powerfully evocative music for dance, film, theatre, and day to day life since her first recording in 1994 – Lush Mechanique. Since then she has independently released Second Sight (1998), Hidden Sky (2004), Only Breath (2007), Unspoken (2008), Timeless (2014). Victory Music says “…these musical paintings hang, framed in her own passion and dreams. If you’ve ever taken a journey of the soul, be it to another place of your own backyard, this music will play back every scene.”

Her music transforms from the deepest stillness to moving melodies and rhythms that light the soul on fire. Her life long commitment to the environment, social justice, and the healing arts is at the heart of her music, reflecting a deep dedication to the arts as a medium of exploration and awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings.



Jai-Jagdeesh lives and breathes through her creativity. Born in the early ’80s to Kundalini yogis RaviInder Kaur and Sat Kartar Singh, she was immediately and completely surrounded by yoga, meditation, and the sacred sound current. A few decades and many adventures later, she’s still surrounded – and gratefully so.

Her debut album, ‘I Am Thine’, a combination of sacred mantras and powerful English lyrics, was released in the summer of 2011 to record sales and acclaim. She began touring across the globe and performing at Sat Nam Fests, delighting crowds with her soulful voice and deeply authentic style. She released her first meditation CD of Kundalini mantra, ‘The Expansive Spirit’, as a part of Spirit Voyage’s Meditations for Transformation series in early 2012.