My delicious experience of home

I am having the delicious experience of being home. 

It helps me remember how much home holds me and gives me a place to rest. And how valuable all this is.

I have been feeling the exchange of love I have here … giving love to my home and feeling how it holds me in return.

It makes me think of the home we have in our bodies, and how the bodies hold us and give us the amazing opportunity to experience life.

What a gift…!

In my practice as a movement teacher, I have observed that the more we listen through the body the more we are held and guided. This is the exchange: we love our bodies through listening and in return we receive the guidance and wisdom we seek.

That is why the dance work so well: the dance gives us a space to tune into the body and hear what is reflected there. In this encounter we have a direct experience of what we are feeling and what is important, leaving us with a sense of being alive and connected.

This practice can also be taken off the dance floor. Are we listening to the body when we choose what to eat. Are we tuned in to the body as we navigate working, playing and exercising, and as we relate to our day.

I feel the desire to tune in a bit more …. and give a little more love to my body. Maybe you do too.

​​​​​​​And I look forward to dancing again. I really love to be in the dance. There I am able to feel the beauty of life and love. It is such a rich field of experience.

Wishing you a deep sense of home ~

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