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Azul Trilogy


6-day conscious dance retreat
7-12 nov 2020 | Assisi, Italy & Online

Explore connection with the very source of our life to help remove the blocks that prevent us from experiencing our highest potential

I’m delighted to be part of The Embodiment Conference. This is a unique chance to learn from me and many of the best-known teachers in this field. Deepen your professional expertise, reboot your own practice, and connect with people across the globe. I highly recommend signing up and watching your favorite sessions.

Azul has three gifts for all Embodiment Conference participants. Click here and receive a 50 minute guided Azul Journey, a discount coupon for our next online Embodiment Training, and a free month to our upcoming Membership program.

Watch this video and learn about the beauty and power of Azul Conscious Movement

The Azul Conscious Dance Practice is a path of personal transformation. As we heal and transform ourselves through conscious movement, we create the conditions to heal and transform our world.

Azul Offerings

Azul Trilogy

These three powerful dance retreats use conscious movement combined with a psycho-spiritual approach to engage dancers in a process of healing. Each module can be taken individually and in any order.

Azul Online Workshops

Experience a series of live ONLINE workshops exploring the Orientations. This is a great way to learn more about Azul in the privacy of your own home, or invite your friends to accentuate this powerful ecstatic dance practice.

Workshops & Retreats

Our Azul conscious dance retreats are designed to explore individual topics that provide a foundation for the work of personal evolution.

OneDanceTribe is an international community of dancers interested in exploring various conscious movement modalities and transformational workshops and is offered twice a year.

Teacher Training

Become an Azul conscious dance teacher and embark on the teaching path or incorporate this movement practice in your current work.

Azul Trilogy

The Azul Trilogy is a three-part somatic dance program that provides a deep container for personal healing and transformation.  Experience each of the three modules in a 6-day conscious dance retreat immersion. See how the Trilogy was designed to support you in aligning with your deepest potential.

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Doorways to Love  

Engage in a deep process of healing

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Portals of Healing 

Harmonize with your past

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Lower & Higher Self  

Set yourself free

Teacher Training

The Azul Teacher Training is a conscious dance training program designed to prepare individuals to share this work with the world. It is offered in two 10-day modules over a 12-month period. 

Amara Pagano

“I have always felt the evolutionary pull towards growth and healing. It has propelled me in this lifetime. When I discovered at 20 that I could combine my love of dance with healing, a whole world opened. This is the world I have been exploring ever since.”



On the Path of Azul, we are committed to these six core values: Honesty, Kindness, Self-Responsibility, Service, Dedication and Beauty.

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Azul guides and supports personal evolution through conscious movement. Via individual and group dance, it provides a map through the various stages of personal growth. As a result, we experience life in its fullest expression. 

Join Azul Dance and awaken love by listening to
the body’s innate intelligence.

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 “We do this work until all that is left is love.”  Amara

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