Embodied Awakening

Harness your body’s intelligence
to awaken your highest potential

Experience the freedom
of your body in motion!

Check out the power of movement to:

  • Release your stress
  • Awaken your body
  • Free your life force

Embodiment is a path

Including the body is a key to fulfillment.

Too often we operate only from our thinking mind and leave the body out. When we do this we cut off from the vast intelligence of the body. This leaves us feeling disconnected and lost.

Embodied movement gives you a path to reconnect with your inner knowing and facilitates a journey to reach your highest potential.

Live your life
to the fullest!

The Path of Azul will guide you through a transformational journey to experience fulfillment in all areas of your life. It is a path of healing not because something is broken but because we are here to grow through what we experience and this is a healing process.

Life is moving us towards greater capacity to love and this is what creates fulfillment in our lives.

Amara is a gem, as strong as she is fluid, a pioneer for a new wave of embodied consciousness. She has both the humility and the experience to guide you on a deep journey home to yourself.

Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan
Founders of Movement Medicine

A leader of the leaders. Amara is a visionary, grounded and clear as she weaves communities, teachers, and the web of movers and shakers around the world. Her embodied presence inspires those in her midst. Amara’s kind and vast embrace truly awakens the dancer in everybody who has the good fortune to be moved by her guidance. Grace in motion.

Melissa Michaels, Ed.D.
Founder of GoldenGirlsGlobal,
GoldenBridge, SomaSource

Whether I’m witnessing or dancing with Amara, I am in awe, inspired to activate that space within that reveals and reflect the “what is” in the moment.
The name Amara, a perspective of Grace, also means “help given by Akua, or God”! It’s the YES factor of presence, that invites each of us to “be” the reflection of the moment. Unveiling and revealing the self, to ourself, while creating a space of safety, acceptance and ALOHA!

Maydeen ‘Iao
Spiritual Leader & Visionary
Co-Founder of Aloha in Action

My # 1 favorite facilitator of dance and movement and awakening through the body. Her exquisite guidance, care, love and sensitivity – and all the tools she has developed – take me into an embodied sense of truth – of who I really am. She reminds us that this does not come just from the mind – it comes through an embodied intelligence. What Amara offers is Satsang on the dance floor! I highly recommend.

Ashanna Solaris
Founder Clarity Breathwork

Awakening to the
“more” of life

Many of us are being called into an awakening to the “more” of life. We can sense that there is more to who we are and a greater purpose to our lives that is not quite actualized.

Azul supports you to make the passage into living and expressing who you are and what you are here to do.

We are moving
towards love

We can understand that our life experiences are creating the conditions for love to awaken. When we come into alignment with this truth, life gets easier and more exciting.

Love is our true essence. It is living effortlessly in the flow of life, fully expressing our gifts and talents, experiencing joy, health and prosperity.

How to begin…

Daily Inspirations  ∞  Weekly Movement Meditations
∞  Monthly Live Classes  ∞  Extensive Library

Upcoming events

the ACTIVATION Free Movement Challenge

LIVE Online Classes Series
March 8-12, 2023

Awakening Embodiment | Munich

IN-PERSON Workshop in Munich
March 17-19 , 2023

Celebration Live Class with Amara

LIVE Online Session
March 22, 2023

What people shared…

I’ve been a seeker much of my life. Through this work I’ve been able to connect to parts of myself that I didn’t even know were there. It’s the most transformational work I have done to date and I’ve done a lot of work. My heart is softer, I feel more compassion for my self and others. I’m more connected and embodied in this world. Thank you Amara, Thank you Azul!

Gayle Zalduondo

This is some of the most profound and beneficial work that I’ve been blessed to explore. Absolutely trust the wisdom of the body to reveal and release all that blocks the full expression of our souls mission. To do this in the company of others dancing their own journey, we experience the truth of our oneness, we move to freedom and love that is our essence.

Carol Tonelli

Azul is a transformational path that leads us home to the unconditional love and light within us through embodiment. The power and safety of the field permits you to navigate the four orientations of listening, allowing, opening, and moving toward with confidence and wisdom. The dance floor is where I can be me and truly surrender. What a blessing!

Esther Leivia


the MOVEMENT MAP Embodiment Training

Free your body! Free your life! Attain mind body soul connection through embodied movement.

the LEAP Embodied Awakening Program

Align with your highest potential. Maximize your human and spiritual experience of life.

the CERTIFICATION Azul Teacher Training

Become a channel for awakening love. Align with your highest purpose and service.

“Move your body
Open your heart
Heal your life!”