Dance and Awaken your body’s wisdom

5-day Embodiment Training

+ 3-month of integration and support

APRIL 27 – MAY 1, 2024

Dance and Awaken your body’s wisdom

5-day Embodiment Training

+ 3-month of integration and support

next opening:

Doorways to Love
March 2-6, 2024

Upcoming Programs

the LEAP Doorways to Love

Move through Doorways to Love and engage in a process of healing! Format: LIVE Online Retreat of a Yearlong Program

March 2-6, 2024

Amara’s Online
Live Class

60-minute special LIVE online class.
It is a space for us to gather as a community and dance

March 20, 2024

Maine In-Person Workshop

3 days of exploring and nurturing the new, and our role in its emergence, through our conscious movement practice

April 5-7, 2024

What Is Azul?

a Path – a Practice – a Community

Azul is an embodiment practice and transformational path created and led by Amara Pagano. This path uses the body as a tool for healing and accessing the body’s intelligence to connect to self, others, and the cosmos.

We serve all people engaged in any kind of spiritual or conscious movement practice for self-discovery and offer live online and in person classes, retreats and training worldwide.

“It’s the most transformational work…

I have done to date and I’ve done a lot of work. My heart is softer, I feel more compassion for my self and others. I’m more connected and embodied in this world!


Gayle Zalduondo

This is some of the most profound and beneficial

work that I’ve been blessed to explore. To do this in the company of others dancing their own journey, we experience the truth of our oneness, we move to freedom and love that is our essence.


Carol Tonelli

Azul is a transformational path

that leads us home to the unconditional love and light within us through embodiment. The dance floor is where I can be me and truly surrender. What a blessing!


Esther Leivia

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Check out the power of movement to:

  • Release your stress
  • Awaken your body
  • Free your life force

Embodied Awakening Programs



The Azul Portal is a membership-based conscious community offering

    • Daily Movement Practice 
    • Weekly LIVE Classes
    • An Engaged Community 
    • Spotify Playlists  
    • Extensive Library of Movement Meditations
    • Global Network of Azul Teachers

APRIL 27 – MAY 1, 2024


the MOVEMENT MAP is a 5-day Embodiment Training

Designed to take a deep dive into the Azul Spiral as a path to embodiment and personal transformation. It is followed by a 3-month integration program fit to help you embody the methodology and apply it in all aspects of your life.


the LEAP

The LEAP is a yearlong life changing transformational program designed to support you in reaching your highest potential.

It offers four immersive 5-day movement based healing retreats, 10 monthly integration sessions, ongoing support in a powerful and safe container and a loving community.

Embodied Awakening is the union of mind

body heart and soul