Through collaborations with people and organizations with aligned values, we share our knowledge, experience and resources, and we all grow stronger.

Shifting From Me to “We”

Collaboration is a manifestation of unity consciousness

It is a tangible way to acknowledge that we are part of an ecosystem, an interconnected network of dynamic relationships that recognizes that the whole is stronger than its parts.

This network, like the Spiral Map of Azul, has LOVE at its center.

Consciously reinforcing these connections increases our capacity and resilience, so that we are able to respond appropriately to all that life is asking of us.

Collaborations are an integral part of the past, present and future of Azul

We were the first in the conscious dance world to invite teachers of different modalities to come together in the spirit of unity and co-creation. OneDanceTribe is world-renowned for its transformational and epic in-person events.

We were also pioneers in creating online Global Conferences honoring and celebrating all major conscious movement school founders from across the world. This work has expanded beyond conscious movement to embrace the full spectrum of embodied practices.

We are committed to continuing this tradition of Collaboration, creating opportunities to elevate and celebrate the contributions of inspired thinkers and teachers who support a global Embodied Awakening.

Together, we seek peaceful solutions to our planetary challenges with the unshakable belief that


Do You Feel Inspired To Join Us…?

Experience the power of collaboration with Azul!

Join our annual OneDanceTribe event! Each June we gather in Kisslegg, Germany to co-create a high energy field where you will have the opportunity to connect with a like-minded group of teachers, presenters and participants from across the globe. Experience the power of uniting in a common goal and intention: conscious evolution.

Take a deep dive into the vast collection of knowledge shared in any one of our Global Conference Collections. Receive cutting edge contributions from some of the most inspiring and dedicated experts in the field of evolutionary consciousness and embodied awakening (see World Class Presenters below).

Experience for yourself the transformational power of embodied awakening through Azul live classes, workshops and retreats (see our event calendar here) or join a class offered by one of our talented Azul teachers around the world and be a part of the movement.


OneDanceTribe is a global community of people practicing conscious movement as a pathway to embodied awakening.

We gather every year in Germany to honour our unique gifts and contributions and celebrate the power of collaboration.


Global Conferences

The Global Conferences are online events designed for people who believe that personal transformation can create collective impact and support the evolutionary shift into a new way of living together on planet Earth.

The audio and video recordings of 150+ sessions offered by world class teachers are available in our library.

Azul Around the World

We offer training programs for those who feel inspired to become agents of change.

A growing network of Azul teachers offer classes and workshops, both online and in-person, all across the globe.

These communities are growing and thriving in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

World Class Presenters

To honor all the teachers who shared their wisdom and gifts at the OneDanceTribe events and Global Conferences

The best way to nurture the web of life is by intentionally creating connections with others

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