Meet Azul team

Amara Pagano and Paolo De Angelis are the two visionaries behind Azul. They are supported by a growing team of people who together support the work of Azul in the world.

Amara Pagano

Creator of Azul conscious movement and committed to the journey of awakening love.

Pier Paolo de Angelis

Visionary and master connector weaving all the threads of Azul into a beautiful tapestry.

Agata Bockowska

Azul Teacher and full time staff managing the finances and back end systems of Azul with love.

Marta Bockowska

Azul Teacher and full time staff managing event support and marketing and generally making all things possible.

Julia Hamer

Azul Teacher tending to the Azul Membership Portal and providing loving support to its members.

Cristina Crescenzi

Azul Teacher involved in School of Azul helping those who take their steps on the Teacher Training journey.

Monica De Angelis

Azul Clothing coordinator and in charge of all things related to beauty.

Azul Teachers

The ones who are engaged in bringing Azul conscious movement into the world.

In Azul we recognize that as we transform ourselves we create the conditions
for our world to transform