Azul Teacher Training

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May 2024

The CERTIFICATION is the Azul Teacher Training—a powerful program designed to support your personal and professional transformation,
helping you to align with your highest purpose

Become a Channel
of Embodied Awakening

Azul is a path designed to support the awakening of love

Its teachings are held within a Spiral Map reflecting the universal pattern of growth and evolution

It is our purpose to nurture this body of work and to empower others to offer it in the world

If you feel the soul call, knowing that this is part of how you wish to serve, we welcome you into this possibility

   Embarking on   

The CERTIFICATION is a comprehensive professional training program and a personal growth opportunity that serves as a catalyst for becoming a channel of awakening love in the world.

It is a 2-year journey of embodied awakening filled with exceptional learning opportunities and skill development that represents a mutual
commitment and investment.

Comprehensive Training

Learn the components of the Spiral Map of Azul
Craft meaningful movement experiences
Embodiment techniques and guidance

Technical  Skills

DJ training
Music categorization & playlist curation
Tools for teaching online and in-person

Professional Development

Extensive Mentorship
Embodied Leadership Coaching
Build a thriving community

Personal Growth

Reveal your embodied wisdom
Learn to know yourself as Love
Step into alignment with your soul’s purpose

My personal investment in you is to mentor you in realizing the depths of your own embodied wisdom so that you can recognize your unique gifts and be an inspiration for others

Love, Amara

A Comprehensive Immersive Experience

The CERTIFICATION is a 2-year program articulated into three Phases. As you learn the components that will make you a strong and confident teacher, you experience and integrate the transformative power of the teachings for your own personal growth and development.

Through regular meetings with Amara, the School of Azul, and your own personal Wisdom Partner, you will experience active support as you move through a comprehensive curriculum that prepares you for teaching others.

Through experiential learning, wisdom-sharing, and ample opportunities to deepen your practice, you will move through the Phases of Student, Apprentice, and Teacher-in-Training.



Learn how to embody the components of the Spiral Map as an Azul Student

In Phase One, you will discover the underlying principles and philosophy of the Path of Azul, learn to craft the basic spiral architecture of an Azul movement experience, practice holding space and receive support from Amara to strengthen your embodiment.



Offer Holding Space movement experiences as an Azul Apprentice

In Phase Two you will have ample opportunities to develop and practice your skills, empowering you to start building your community by offering Holding Space classes as an Azul Apprentice. Preparing you for the deep learning container of the 10-day residential Module 3 in Assisi, Italy.



Teach Azul Spiral Journey classes as an Azul Teacher-in-Training

In Phase Three you are able to create exciting classes that catalyze movement. Your learning is reinforced by regular experience offering Azul Spiral Journeys in your community and online. Your skills are reinforced through practice in real-world settings, all while enjoying the support of Amara and the School of Azul.

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Program Overview
    PREREQUISITE Apr 27- May 1
    Embodiment Training
    May to November 2024

    May 18-19

    Module One: 2-Day Online Training

    May to July:
    Weekly Mentoring Program

    July 27-31:
    Module Two: 5-Day Online Training

    Aug to Nov:
    Twice Monthly Mentoring sessions

    June 1-5
    Portals of Healing






    Sept 21-25
    Healing Masculine and Feminine


    December 2024 to July 2025

    Jan – Jun:
    Twice Monthly Mentoring Sessions

    July 5-15, 2025:
    Module  Three (10 Day In-Person in Assisi, Italy)

    Dec 4-8
    Integrating Lower and Higher Self

    March 1-5, 2025   
    Doorways to Love 

    May 31-June 4, 2025
    Portals of Healing


    August 2025 to March 2026

    Aug – Feb: Twice Monthly
    Mentoring Sessions

    March 2026: Final Certification and Graduation 


Phase One: Student

May to November 2024

As an Azul Student, you will:

  • Become immersed in the teachings of the Spiral Map of Azul
  • Begin to understand the underlying principles and philosophy that support the Path of Azul
  • Receive 1:1 support from Amara to strengthen your embodiment
  • Learn to craft the Basic Spiral of an Azul movement experience
  • Develop your music library and categorization of music
  • Receive training to hold space for movement
  • Practice offering a basic spiral and a holding space class and receive loving
    support and feedback to grow as a leader

May to June:

  • Module 1: Embody the Spiral Map of Azul – 2 Days Online
    Meet your Wisdom Partner
    Weekly Mentoring Meetings and practice sessions

July to November:

  • Module 2: Deepen with the Spiral Map of Azul – 5 Days Online
    Monthly Mentoring Sessions with Amara
    Monthly practice sessions with the School of Azul
    1:1 meeting with Amara
Phase Two: Apprentice

December 2024 to July 2025

As an Azul Apprentice, you will:

  • Begin to integrate your understanding of the Spiral Map of Azul in your life and in your movement offerings
  • Have the opportunity to practice your movement offerings with the support of the School
  • Begin building your community as an Azul Apprentice and offer Holding Space Classes
  • Deepen your skills in playlist curation and music categorization
  • Attend the 10-day in-person Module 3 in Assisi, Italy
  • Receive training on how to develop content, use structures and sequences, and somatic language for movement
  • Cultivate embodied leadership and find your grounding in the Azul Values and Code of Ethics

December to June:

Monthly Mentoring Sessions with Amara
Monthly practice sessions with the School of Azul
Monthly Class Debriefs to review and learn to critique a class offering
Opportunity to offer Holding Space Classes as a Teacher-in-Training in your Community and Online
Complete the 12-month Wisdom Partner program

July 2025

  • Module 3:

10-day Residential Retreat in Assisi, Italy
1:1 Meeting with Amara

Phase Three: Teacher-In-Training

August 2025 to March 2026

As an Azul Teacher-in-Training, you will:

  • Integrate and embody the teachings received during Module 3 in Assisi
  • Take the step from Holding Space to Teaching Classes
  • Receive support and further training in creating Azul Spiral Journeys
  • Learn from Amara on specific topics such as partnering, working with new people, how to feel and guide the group field, holding clear boundaries, and creating a safer space.
  • Gain advanced DJ training and skill building
  • Identify how you wish to use your new skills in your life and in your work

August to February:

Monthly Mentoring Sessions with Amara
Monthly Practice Sessions with the School of Azul
Monthly Class Debriefs to review and learn to critique a class offering
Opportunity to Offer Classes as an Azul Teacher-in-Training in your Community and Online
1:1 Meeting with Amara


  • Graduation Ceremony and Full Certification as an Azul Teacher
Mentoring Program

May 2024 to February 2026

The Mentoring Program is an important component of the Azul Teacher Training and offers an
incredible container to support the integration of the Azul Spiral into life.

There are three components to the Mentoring Program:

  • Wisdom Partners
  • Monthly Mentoring Meetings with Amara
  • Regular Mentoring/Practice with the School of Azul

You meet your Wisdom Partner in Phase One and they are with you throughout the first year
of your teacher training, providing support as you learn the components of the Azul Spiral,
offering you feedback on your practice offerings, sharing wisdom in how the Orientations
can support you in your study, work and life.

You can expect to meet monthly with your Wisdom Partner to touch on whatever is moving
for you in your training and receive support for your process.

Amara holds monthly meetings after Module 2 until the completion of the program–for
a total of 14 sessions. During these meetings, Amara shares her wisdom, provides
technical training, and professional development coaching.

In Phase 3, Teachers-in-Training will have ample opportunities to ask questions regarding
their experiences teaching, providing the opportunity for real-time feedback and discussion.

Throughout the entirety of the 2-year program, the School of Azul hosts regular meetings
to provide opportunities to practice and receive constructive feedback on movement offerings,
playlist curation, and music categorization.

Additional topics such as technical setup for teaching online, music and DJ software training,
marketing, and promotional materials allow for a firm grounding in all aspects of being an Azul Teacher.


the CERTIFICATION – Azul Teacher Training – €9,000

the CERTIFICATION + the LEAP (repeat) – €11,000

the CERTIFICATION + the LEAP – €13,000

All prices include 2-year membership in the Azul Portal
24-month payment plan available ~ payable by credit card or bank wire



Azul Teachers Share Their Journey

Marli Thibodeau
Maine, USA

Cristina Crescenzi 
Roma, Italy

Stefan Gut 
Zurich, Switzerland

Catherine Taye Slattery 
Kentuky, USA

Alison Beard
South Carolina, USA

Lucia Lacabana
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Are You Called to Join?

If you are considering the Azul Teacher Training as a path to expand your personal and professional horizon, and have questions, you are invited to schedule a 20-minute Zoom call with Leah Huff ~ Coordinator of the School of Azul.

Common Questions About the CERTIFICATION

What are the prerequisites for joining the CERTIFICATION?

Before beginning the CERTIFICATION, we ask that applicants have completed the following prerequisites:

  • The MOVEMENT MAP ~ Embodiment Training (30 hours)
  • 4 Orientation Workshop Series (recorded content – 20 hours)
  • 50 additional hours of Classes Workshops or Retreats with Amara

In addition to the above hours, in order to receive Certification, students must:

  • Complete all retreats in the LEAP program (120 hours) – this supports your personal transformation and prepares you to be a channel for this work
  • Complete all assignments and readings
  • Embody the values of the Path of Azul
  • Demonstrate your ability to offer movement classes anchored in the teachings of Azul
  • Fulfill 100 additional hours of Workshops or Retreats with Amara
  • Attend 30 Classes with Azul Teachers In Person or in the Portal

Combined for a Total of 350 Class, Workshop and Retreat hours

What additional costs should I budget for?
  • Any travel and accommodation costs to attend Module 3 in Assisi
  • All costs associated with classes, workshops or retreats required to meet your requisite hours
  • You will need a computer with full functionality for Zoom (tablets and chromebooks do not meet the requirement)
  • An external speaker or quality bluetooth headphones will greatly improve your experience of online programs
  • A quality microphone will be required for teaching online
What is the hybrid residential option in Germany?

All 4 LEAP retreats and the first two modules of the CERTIFICATION are broadcast online using Zoom. However, an hybrid 0nline/in-person option is available. 

New for 2024 – You will have tthe opportunity to experience the LEAP and attend Module 1 and 2 of the CERTIFICATION as a hybrid residential program in the beautiful Lindenhof center in Tuttlingen Möhringen, Germany. Participants will dance together at a retreat center and connect with Amara and the group online.

Lindenhof is a residential retreat center run by Anna Hagen, a certified Azul Teacher, and she has provided the opportunity for participants to come together at Lindenhof to experience the LEAP with others, following Amara’s teachings online.

This is a Hybrid offering, where participants will see the Zoom broadcast of Amara and the other LEAP participants on a large screen, with sound and music filling the space.

You may choose to join Anna at Lindenhof for one, two, three, or all four of the LEAP retreats offered in 2024 as well as Module 1 and 2 of the CERTIFICATION. The choice is yours, and the experience is certain to be beautiful.

Once you have registered for the LEAP or the CERTIFICATION,  you may contact Anna Hagen directly to make arrangements for your accommodations and have any questions answered about the center.

Anna Hagen – Lindenhof
Telefon +49 7462 6259
Contact Lindenhof here

What if I don’t want to teach Conscious Dance classes?

Many of our graduates are not called to be conscious movement teachers in the traditional sense, but find ways to integrate the teachings of Azul in their established careers as therapists, teachers, bodyworkers and healers.

Others have chosen to complete the Teacher Training as part of their personal journey of Embodied Awakening, understanding that their practice and commitment to healing contributes to our planetary evolution and the centering of Love.

And of course, many of our graduates have gone on to positively impact their communities in profound ways as Azul teachers, offering classes and workshops all around the world. This may not be your primary motivation for taking the training, but it is always an opportunity that is available to you should you choose it.

How do I know if this training is for me?

There are many reasons that people join the Azul Teacher Training program, and only you can be sure of whether this is the right step for you to take right now. Here are some questions for you to consider before deciding:

  • Do you feel the call to be of service in the world through your embodiment and the awakening of love?
  • Are you committed to your own journey of embodied awakening?
  • Do you wish to teach Azul conscious movement classes and workshops?
  • Do you have a desire to deepen your relationship with Azul, through assisting Amara and other teachers in program delivery?
  • Do you already teach another modality and have interest in expanding your skills and knowledge to include conscious movement and embodiment practices?
  • Are you a therapist who wishes to incorporate Azul’s methodology into your practice?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is a full-bodied YES, then we invite you to reach out to discuss any question or hesitation you might have. We are very happy to support you in taking this step if it is the right time for you to do so.

What support is available for teachers after certification?

We nurture and support our Certified Azul Teachers with extensive resources including valuable marketing, administrative and content development designed to support the practical application of the Azul principles and methodology in a professional setting.

We offer ongoing education and development, annual Teacher Retreats, opportunities to become an Assistant in programs, and invitation to nurture future generations of teachers through our Wisdom Partner program.