Azul Teacher Training



Become a channel
of Awakening Love

The Azul Teacher Training is an experiential program designed for all who wish to deepen their understanding of embodiment and healing through movement as a personal practice, or to become Azul conscious dance teachers.


Have you ever…

  • Been curious about deepening your dancing practice?
  • Yearned to create movement experiences and facilitate conscious dance?
  • Learn how to incorporate conscious movement into your existing work or profession?
  • Felt the desire to share with others the power and beauty of what you experience on the dance floor?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we want to invite you to explore the Azul Teacher Training.

Teacher Training at a glance

Be held in the process

The Teacher Training is a powerful container that – not only takes you through a deep personal transformation and teaches you how to create movement experiences. It also helps you align with your highest purpose and service!

Is this Training for me?

This Training is designed for all those who wish to teach Azul classes and workshops and would like to build a local or virtual dance community.

The Training is also designed for teachers of other modalities interested in expanding their horizons, and therapists who wish to incorporate movement into their existing practice.

Last but not least, the Training is the perfect container for anyone interested in deepening their personal growth through the Path of Azul.

How is it structured?

The Azul Teacher Training is articulated into two modules Apprenticeship and Certification, followed by an extensive Mentoring Program.

After each module Trainees meet with Amara and the Azul Faculty to receive support in their practice, integrate the Azul Spiral into their lives and bringing it to their communities.

The Embodiment Training is a prerequisite to enter the Apprenticeship Module.

To complete your Certification and become an Azul teacher, you are also required to complete  the LEAP – a series of three retreats that guide you through a deep personal transformational process.

All the Trilogy retreats and the Training modules are led by Amara Pagano and a team of Azul Faculty.

2023-2024 Program Overview

All Programs are offered online, except where otherwise noted.

Oct 19-23, 2022          Embodiment Training
or Apr 1-5, 2023
April 22-23, 2023      Apprenticeship: Part One
Apr 25-July 18, 2023  Weekly Mentoring Program
July 26-30, 2023        Apprenticeship: Part Two
Aug 2023-Jun 2024   Monthly Mentoring Program
July 2024                   Certification ~ In person only
                                    (Assisi, Italy)
Sept 2023-Mar 2024  Monthly Mentoring Program

Training Outline

Apprenticeship Module

Apprenticeship Part One

Apprenticeship Part One follows the Embodiment Training and is limited to 30 participants. In Part One, Trainees take another step in understanding the underlying principles and philosophy that support the Path of Azul ,as well as receive individual attention on embodiment. Trainees also receive instructions on how to hold space for movement and create a playlist. This includes developing a music library, categorizing music and building a basic spiral.

Apprenticeship Part Two

In this portion Trainees receive the next layer of understanding and embodiment of the Azul Spiral and take another step in learning how to create movement experiences. There is more detailed attention given to individual embodiment and personal feedback from Amara. A significant amount of time will be devoted to the practice of “seeing” the body and Amara’s guidance to deepen your embodiment.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program offers an incredible container to support the integration of the Azul Spiral into life. Each Apprentice is assigned a Wisdom Partner to accompany them in their journey. All Wisom Partners are Certified Azul Teachers engaged to assist the new generation of teachers.

In the weekly meetings Apprentices have the opportunity to offer a practice class and receive support and feedback. In the monthly mentoring calls they meet with Amara individually and as a group to facilitate their personal and professional understanding of the Path of Azul. The program also supports Apprentices who wish to offer holding space classes.

What you can expect to receive
from the Apprenticeship Module 

Discover and integrate the power of embodiment in all areas of your life

Develop a connection to movement as a path of awakening consciousness

Align your energy with an upward spiral of wellbeing
and prosperity

Gain an embodied understanding of the Azul Spiral

Receive ongoing support to developing your offering of movement experiences

Develop skills to hold space for conscious movement

Discover how to select music and create playlists

Learn to develop inspirational content for movement classes

Certification Module

The Certification module focuses on preparing Apprentices to form class content and teach Azul movement classes.

During this module, trainees receive another layer of understanding and embodiment of the principles of Azul. There is a deepening of presence, embodiment and articulation of movement as a path of awakening consciousness. Trainees are also supported in aligning with their higher purpose as teachers and leaders.

Following the Certification module there is a six month mentoring period to facilitate integration of the Training and continued learning.

Upon completion of the Certification Module and of the Azul Trilogy – Trainees receive the Azul Teacher Certification and are qualified to teach Azul movement classes and incorporate Azul into their professional work.

What you can expect to receive
from Certification Module

Strengthen your embodiment and ability to inspire others through movement

Deepen your understanding of the underlying
principles of Azul

Form class content to create exciting classes that catalyze movement

Learn how to feel and guide the group field

Receive support to establish your teaching practice
and build community

Acquire tools and knowledge to help you align
with your life purpose

Serve the evolution of humanity with embodied movement

Become a channel of awakening love

Additional benefits

As an additional benefit, both Apprentices and Certified Teachers have ongoing access to the Azul School Membership Site, which contains valuable marketing, administrative and informational tools and resources designed to support the practical application of the Azul principals and methodology in a professional setting.

Azul Teachers share their experience

Catherine Taye Slattery, USA

It’s the most powerful training of any kind I’ve ever taken. Brilliantly organized, a lot of valuable content, delivered in such a way that it served my personal healing and embodiment while preparing me very well to teach.

Lucia Lacabana, Argentina

The experience of the training can only be described in uppercase words: INCREDIBLE, INTENSE, EXCITING, VIBRANT, DEEP, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL. It has been a deep and intense journey into myself… Anyone who wants to find themselves, this is the place and practice. I can return to my community feeling alive, happy and confident.

Katja Hofmann, Australia

The Azul Teacher Training gave me hands-on tools I’ve experienced in my own body first. I experienced learning by dancing in a safe, supported and loving space and enjoyed being with an international group of like-minded people with big, open hearts.

Karen Holmes, PA, USA

The training was absolutely the best dancing and connection I’ve ever done…
Another part of the training is the use of technology and making playlists, working with the music itself. As a”non-techie” I learned SO much. Each person compiled a play list and offered a warm up session to the group. Everyone helped everyone else! The teacher training component gave us an excellent foundation to “go forth.

A mutual commitment and investment

The Teacher Training is a mutual commitment and investment. On your part, it includes fulfilling the requisites, attending the three Trilogy retreats and the Embodiment Training and actively participating in the two Training Modules and Mentoring program.


On our part, it includes the ongoing support provided by the Azul Team and my personal investment in you and your education, learning, life and personal evolution. My intention is to mentor you in becoming an amazing facilitator and an inspiration for others


Are you called to join?

If you are considering the Azul Teacher Training as a path to expand your personal and professional horizon, fill in the form below to receive the full information package.

We will be happy to follow up with you to answer any of your questions.

Each of us is needed – now more than ever – to rise and support the larger  awakening of consciousness.