I have been reflecting about the work of healing the masculine and feminine lately.

It is a worthy topic and a hot exploration that generates some deep inquiries. It questions what it means to be a man or a woman, or not wanting to identify as either. It touches our sexuality and capacity for loving relationships. It affects whether we are able to have fulfilling work and a sense of purpose. How these energies play inside of us influences all areas of our life.

Often, in our intimate relationships, we need to look at the distortions we carry around these energies. The shadow material that emerges is what needs to be healed.

In my journey with my husband Paolo, I have experienced an enormous healing of our distorted masculine and feminine. And as we both deepened into this work, our love reached new heights of harmony, intimacy and self-expression.

I am aware of how important this work feels in light of the rise of the feminine that is happening in every country and area of society. I am in full support of a strengthening the feminine in our world. I also believe that a healthy masculine is needed, and that both need to rise in us.

Most of us have never experienced life with a clean and empowered masculine and feminine. Instead, we learned to live with a lot of distortions in the way both energies manifest. And the result has been separation and hurt.

Understanding and purifying the distortions of these two energies allows a positive and healthy balance to be freed. And the dance of these energies inside of us create beauty and harmony, clarity and peace.

It is a very fertile ground to explore, and I am looking forward to the opportunity of sharing this map of “Healing the Masculine and Feminine” with you.

If your are curious about this map and want to explore how to balance these energies ~ we invite you to consider joining Healing Masculine and Feminine retreat.