Welcome to the AZUL PORTAL

10 minutes to commit to yourself and your well being …

Imagine what you might be available to receive if your system is open
and your body is awake as you move through your day.

Challenge is happening – jump in!

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

Receive ongoing support to navigate life

Welcome to the Azul Movement Portal.
It is a helpful GPS for life, a lot of fun and easy to join.
See how it can bring more ease and enjoyment to your life.




Support, connection and hope...

Are you feeling affected by what is happening in our world? Perhaps looking for some connection and hope?

The 21 Day Challenge may be just the thing for you

Clarity and focus for 21 days
Regular movement meditation
10 minutes a day

Embodied movement is a key to receive our inner knowing and support through these times.

And we are going to do it – together – with people from all over the world. We can go further when we have the support of each other.

So let’s do this!
Let’s dance 10 min each day for 21 days
in a collective field of conscious movement.

And let’s see what can happen…

together on a path
of awakening love

Embark on a journey
to discover your awakened body
and feel its power to support your life

You will receive …

⇒ daily inspirations to boost your day

⇒ weekly movement meditations that keep you embodied
in a simple and effective way

⇒ monthly live classes that connect you to a global community

⇒ a large library where you can find the perfect movement
experience to match your time and desire

The Portal will give you an extensive library of movement practices, live classes, meditations and tips to inspire your day. You will also be able to interact with Amara Pagano, creator of Azul, and connect with a worldwide web of people committed to living a more conscious and harmonious life.

Azul is a conscious dance practice that supports the remembrance of who we truly are and provides a map for navigating life – a very helpful tool in these uncertain and demanding times.

Receive support and tools to live a more embodied and heart centered life.
Finding joy and a sense of well-being is available for everyone.

Is it for me?

Are you new to conscious dance or Azul – you will find easy to follow guidance on how to begin and be carried step by step to into the power of your moving body.


Are you an experienced dancer – there is a wealth of resources to deepen your practice and explore new possibilities of embodiment.

How can I benefit?


Our lives can be so busy that we do not have a lot of time to focus on our well being. The Portal keeps you connected with very little effort. Once a week an email will give you a few options to explore. With just a few minutes you can receive inspiration that will keep you on track and oriented in life.


There is a wealth of information and wisdom available to you through your body. You do not need to look outside of yourself for the answers but it is helpful to be guided to awaken your body so that you can receive your inner knowing. The Portal supports you to awaken your body.


It can be overwhelming to sort through all the information we are exposed to in our lives. We made the Portal simple and easy to understand. There are bite size movement experiences and teachings curated and delivered to you in a way that you can easily benefit from.


Too often in our modern world we can feel alone. The Portal is a great way to feel connected to others who are engaged in living more consciously. Twice a month you can dance live with people all over the world to tap into the collective field of awakening.


Azul provides a very clear and effective map for orienting in life. In the Portal you will learn about this map and have many movement experiences to embody these teachings that will allow them come alive in your life. The result is that life gets easier and more fulfilling.


We live in demanding times that are asking us to navigate many changes. It is easy to feel lost and uncertain. The Portal is a valuable resource to give inspiration. It also provides a perspective on what is happening that brings hope and a path through.

Have access to quality content that is worth thousands
in a
very affordable and easy way!

this is what people are saying...

The love you put into the portal can be felt. I’m so glad about this new development. I felt I was missing opportunities to dance in between workshops. It’s great to be able to keep a regular practice with both live and recorded guided sessions.

Geneviève, Switzerland

I am so glad that I registered for this amazing Azul Portal. I love and appreciate being able to follow the weekly, or daily dancing. This brings me so much power, so much joy, so much happiness, so much love. What a gift! Thank you Amara Pagano and team!

Verena, Germany

Thank you for this wonderful resource! My time has been consumed with taking charge of my young grandchildren. But every morning I have been able to carve out time to dance to different offerings in the Azul library and it fills me with joy. This is the way I prepare myself for the day. Thank you Amara for your wonderful inspiration.

Mary, USA


We are so confident that you will find value in the Portal that we will give you a money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your first month we will refund your money.

Not only this – you will get your first 2 weeks free.


There is no risk – you can unsubscribe at any point.




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