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Welcome to the Azul Movement Portal, designed to support your journey on the path of awakening love.  Our programs are a helpful GPS for life, a lot of fun and easy to join. We do all this through dancing.


together on a path
of awakening love

Embark on a journey to discover your awakened body
and to live life with more ease

You will receive …

daily inspirations
◊ weekly movement meditations
◊ monthly live classes
access to a large library of movement experiences

Never feel lost again. Our portal gives you an extensive library of movement practices, live classes, meditations and tips to inspire your day. You can also interact with Amara Pagano, creator of Azul, and connect with a worldwide web of people committed to a more conscious and harmonious way to live their lives.

Azul is a conscious dance practice that supports the remembrance of who we truly are and provides a map for navigating life – a very helpful tool in these uncertain and demanding times.

Receive support and tools to live a more embodied and heart centered life.
Finding joy and a sense of well-being is available for everyone.

connect with a global community

Meet fellow dancers from all over the world at Live Classes. You are not alone on this dancing journey. Classes with Amara will include a time to share and be in conversation with her after the dance… you can ask her anything!

inspirations for your day

Get inspired and energize your day with Movement Meditations, to stay on track to your life of abundance. You will receive a new one each week.

And for a quick tip in your day there are Pearls of Wisdom to give inspiration and direction.

Discover How to Design and Create Your Ultimate Life and Awaken Love

Using the experience of teaching movement as a path of awakening consciousness for over 25 years, Amara created a Portal to help you find your way in life; so you will feel happy and supported in discovering your unique purpose in life.

three entry points to guide your journey


If you are new to Azul or to conscious dance, in the beginning area you will find a step by step guide to connect to your dancing body and engage in the practice of Azul.


In the exploring area you will find a large selection of audio and video recordings for you to enjoy any time you feel like practicing.


The deepening area includes a wide range of movement experiences and helpful information to further your journey on the Path of Azul.

Have access to quality content that is worth thousands
in a
very affordable and easy way!

  • Start your day with a 10 minute Movement Meditation to align your energy and energize your body

  • Dance Live twice a month with the global Azul community and connect with Amara at the Q&A every first Wednesday of the month

  • Visit the Library to explore an extensive selection of inspirational videos taken from Amara’s workshops and retreats

  • Looking for a quick tip for your day? Watch a Pearl of Wisdom and receive an inspiration in a few minutes

  • Be supported in your dancing practice following the Pathways of Beginning, Exploring and Deepening

  • Interact and meet each other in our closed Membership Facebook Group

  • Take a 60 to 90 min Class with Amara or an Azul Teacher to enjoy a full experience of a movement practice

  • Dance whenever you wish indoor or outdoor – with our 50-minute guided Audio Journeys

  • New content will be released regularly to keep you moving and inspired

other benefits to enjoy…

In My Azul you will find a link to all the additional programs that you have purchased, plus a selection of programs available to expand your personal movement library.

As a member, you will also enjoy priority registration on all programs listed on the Azul Calendar and special discounts on the Azul Store.

what people shared...

Gayle Zalduondo sharing testimonial about Azul Conscious Dance program

After years of seeking different healing modalities I have found Azul. I’m learning to move through my pain and transforming it into compassion. This potent work has supported my growth and transformation in such a profound and loving way. It has changed me and I believe it can change the world.

Gayle, USA

Sara Francesca Azul Conscious Dance testimonial AMP(1)

Online really helped me to BE a lot more with my body. What I loved was that I was able to fully express the movements coming through in my body and I was not influenced by the experience that others were having. The most valuable aspect was to feel the energetic container and the high vibrational field that Amara was able to create and hold.

Sara Francesca, Italy

Sian Godwin

Amara is a real inspiration and it was a joy to witness and be led by her in the dance… I found that I had reservoirs of energy and expression that were just longing to come out… I surprised myself, and recaptured the purity and joy of dancing.

Sian, United Kingdom


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we do this work
until all that is left
is love

The portal is an opportunity for you to receive and connect. It will continually serve you coming home to your body and develop a deeper awareness of who you are.

join the azul global community

When you join the Portal, you will be invited to join a private Members Facebook Group where you can meet and interact with a growing global community of people using movement and Azul as a path of awakening love.

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