Shifting from fear to trust
I have just flown from Zurich to NYC and dealing with all the considerations due to Coronavirus. It has been an interesting study in fear and trust.

There is natural concern about how to move with what is happening and it illuminates a deeper inquiry into our journey of shifting fear to trust.

I have found myself in the last days with several moments of should I stay or should I go. And each time I found my way to choose “go” with some interesting results. One of these is a deeper awareness of how my body reacts with fear and responds with trust.

I have witnessed myself follow the path of fear, its thoughts and projections and how it closes my body. And then from that closed state I only see limited options and a downward spiral begins that loops until I can catch what is happening.

As I catch it and remember to bring attention back to the body – listening and connecting to what is happening physically in my body. I notice the restriction of energy flow – and register where it is tight and tense. As I am able to do this it starts to shift, the body naturally begins to open again.

As the body opens – new possibilities emerge. In this moment the fear is shifting to trust and I feel I can find my way, that I am guided in my choices. As I feel this an upward spiral initiates and I notice that my energy is flowing with a restored a sense of knowing each step, each choice will be guided and clear if I stay connected in my body.

I can feel it now as I write these words. My face relaxing, my feet on the floor and a softness in my belly. There is a spaciousness in my lower back. It feels good. Trust feels good.

This dance between fear and trust – closing and opening is an important teacher. I invite all of us to keep practicing using our body to keep finding our way to trust so that we can receive the guidance for our choices.

with lots of love to you ~ Amara

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