Something is in the air

There is definitely something in the air …

It has actually been there for a while but, as time goes by, it is becoming more and more visible and obvious: the world needs a new generation of leaders capable of understanding the increasing complexity of our life on the planet, while respecting life and embodying the highest human values. And not just in politics, but at all levels and in all areas of society, starting with our families and communities.

Our world leadership is still operating under a belief system based on the materialistic and mechanistic aspects of live. Their top-down approach favours only a small minority and leaves very little room for solidarity and cooperation. 

It also depletes the available resources without enough consideration or respect for human lives and for the planet essential biodiversity. The results are visible to all of us.

The good news is that the old systems are finally showing their flaws, and are getting close to completing their lifecycle. There is a transformational process happening that is making room for something new to emerge.

In order to shift the balance towards a more peaceful and respectful way to live together on Earth, the new leaders need to learn how to balance the material and spiritual aspects of life. We can also call this, a balance between horizontal and the vertical dimensions of life.

This balance can only be found in our hearts. The heart is where the spiritual and material aspects of life meet and inform each other. The heart is what allows us to experience love, which is the guiding principle and the very source of life. The heart is also where – as humans- we connect to one another.

When this balance is present, collaboration can replace hierarchy and a new field of unlimited possibilities opens to support evolution. However, in order for this transition to come into form, we need to develop new leadership skills.

And when we say “we”, we mean all of us. Leadership can no longer be limited to a few. We believe that, if we all do our part and step into embodied leadership, we may be able to improve the quality of our lives and leave a better world to our children.

Azul offers a clear path to balancing the vertical and the horizontal aspects of life, as well as the essential balancing of the feminine and masculine energies, both being pre-requisites for this shift to occur.


May you be guided to your highest purpose, and if you are in the US and celebrate Thanksgiving, may this be a day of true gratitude.

Paolo and Amara

If your are curious about this path and want to explore how to balance these energies ~ we invite you to consider joining upcoming Azul programs. These events will be offered online, and will connect you to a growing number of people who are discovering a new path of personal and collective transformation.