Something has started to become clear

As I observe the upheavals happening in the world, something is starting to become clear.

2012 to 2016 have been years of preparation. The deep internal and external re-organisation we have all experienced has taken us through significant growth.

As a result, we are arriving at this moment in time much more prepared to deal with the increased instability we are witnessing in the world today.

The uncertainty about our future is increasing. We don’t know if a fire, a hurricane or an earthquake will affect the ground we stand on. Or if a nuclear war or a terrorist shooting will shake our peaceful lives. We don’t know how world leaders will respond to the growing geo-political and environmental a crisis.

The world is definitely rocking as we enter a new, collective birthing cycle: shedding the old and giving way to the new.

I have an image of us birthing again, but now with greater ease. And together find greater trust in the process we are a part of.

Every year since 2012 I have offered a “Threshold” New Years retreat. This retreat is a powerful container to hold the amazing transformation we are experiencing. In December we will have another opportunity to dance across the Threshold and another year having strengthened the resources needed to navigate these challenging times.

Let’s gather our rivers and together flow towards the ocean of love.

Entering the New Year dancing is a great way for you to open and receive. There is nothing like consciously moving the body through the map of Azul for you to become available and arrive to a place filled with love and possibilities. Come, be nourished and begin new year in your full power!
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