Allowing Transformation video sharing - The Path of Azul

by Amara Pagano

Video sharing about Allowing Transformation

I would like to share a short video from the online workshop Allowing Transformation containing some inspiration about what is unfolding in our world. I hope you will enjoy it and receive some support for your journey.

I find that being able to dance at home – and yet be connected to people all over the world is quite amazing. It does something to my spatial awareness and capacity to feel into the invisible field that connects us. I notice that my sensitivity to this field increases when I am engaged in an extended online workshop. 

I am telling you this, in anticipation of some of the concerns that you may have about joining an online retreat ~  Does it work? ~  Can I receive any benefit or insight from an online format? ~ Will I feel any connection? ~ Do I want to spend 3 days dancing online? 

I wholeheartedly say YES! to each of these questions. And I encourage you to say YES to joining the OneDanceTribe Global Retreat

About PathOfAzul
Azul is a path of personal transformation that utilizes movement as the vehicle for exploration.
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Allowing Transformation video sharing