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Moving Towards

In this 6 hour workshop we will have the opportunity to dance with each other Online and explore the choice to open to support us in moving with and through the challenges of this moment in time.

Moving Towards is what connects us to the understanding that everything in life is part of our growth. Moving towards creates an intimate experience with the moment, calling us into presence and leading us to freedom.



Live with Amara on December 5
3:00-9:00 pm Europe CEST
9:00 am -3:00 pm New York EDT
6:00 am-12:00 pm California PDT

Workshop articulated in two sessions with the break in the middle.


Workshop tuition is US$79. If you are experiencing financial challenges, you can  join with a 25% discount. You can also apply for a scholarship discount, if needed. If you register and are unable to participate in the live session, we will send you the video recording.

This workshop “Moving Towards” is a part of a series exploring the 4 Orientations of Azul.

In each 6 hour Online workshop we will:

  • Work with all 4 Orientations with a special Focus on one

  • Have an embodied experience of each Orientation

  • Gain an understanding of how to work with the Orientations in daily life

  • Discover the power of movement to awaken love

  • Deepen in the experience of embodiment and anchor in the wisdom of the body

  • Explore the bodies intelligence to support healing and spiritual growth

  • Dance with people all over the world

  • Interact with others exploring conscious dance as a path

Mark your calendar!

Saturday December 5
Live with Amara
3:00 – 9:00 pm CEST (Europe)
9:00 – 3:00 am EDT (US East Coast)

* Including one hour break
Check your time zone here

Dance at home

Share movement experience with fellow dancers LIVE or receive the recording if you can’t attend on the day.

Everyone is welcome!

Pay full tuition $79, receive a 25% discount or apply for scholarship

February 8
~ Listening

May 9
~ Allowing Transformation

September 12
~ Opening

December 5
~ Moving Towards


The Four Orientations are a core component of the work of Azul. They support a deeper experience both in the dance and in life. The Orientations act like a GPS that help us stay connected to our movement and navigate life with greater ease and grace. They support us in understanding that all that happens in life is part of our evolutionary journey. They provide a spiritual foundation that facilitates an upward spiral of awakening and a more meaningful life experience.

The Four Orientations are Listening – Allowing – Opening – and Moving Towards. Each one has its own wisdom and together they keep us engaged in our dance with life and the awakening of love.

Listening supports us in connecting to the intelligence of the body and receiving its guidance.

Allowing supports our ability to meet life as it is. It reminds us to not resist what is happening and not limit our experience of it. Allowing connects us to the sensation of being carried by the current of life and gives us permission to keep saying “yes“ to the movement and to the moment.

Opening extends us further, as we open we create space of new possibilities to emerge. Opening helps us to move beyond the limits of our conditionings and habitual patterns.

Moving Towards connects us to the understanding that everything in life if a part of our growth. Moving towards creates a more intimate experience with the moment, calling us into presence and leading us to freedom.


February 8


May 9
Allowing Transformation


September 12


December 5
Moving Towards

How does it work?

The session will be broadcasted LIVE through the online interactive platform Zoom.

You will receive link to the Zoom meeting by email when you register for the class.

If you haven’t used Zoom before (no worries.. it is very easy) watch this short tutorial below and learn how to install it and join the meeting.



  •  Download the Zoom application for better functionality

  • If possible use computer instead of phone/ipad

  • Please make sure you have a good internet or WiFi connection! 

  • If you have a portable speaker we encourage you to use it for better sound quality.

  • If possible arrange some clear space to move

We will open the Zoom link 10 minutes before the session to help anyone who wants a little extra help to get settled.

“Azul is a dynamic marriage of dance and wisdom pathways connecting in the most natural way. The self healing power of the body, mind and soul.”  David, USA

“I am in my home, in my hometown, and the silence is surrounding me. There was a storm in the morning and now the birds are singing.The main sensation I have in my heart and soul is trusting and feeling sustained, by myself and by others.Thanks to the Azul orientations I am able to manage well my knots, my struggles. I am ready to finally really feel independent and not get stuck in the same, repetitive, drawing of life. I am grateful to Azul and Amara”  Manuela, Italy

“Movement provides direct access to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our souls journey”


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