video workshops



Gain embodied understanding
of Azul Orientations as GPS for life

This Azul workshop series is centered around the four Orientations of Azul.

Listening ~ Allowing ~ Opening ~ Moving Towards

Each one has its own wisdom.
And together, they keep us engaged in our dance with life
and in the awakening of love.

Illuminate the beauty of who you are

“Light has an exquisite quality that illuminates the shadows and makes them beautiful.

As we bring light to our movement through listening, allowing, opening and moving towards, we begin to illuminate the beauty in all of who we are.

This illumination is the awakening of love.”


A GPS for Life

The Orientations act like a GPS that help us stay connected to our movement and navigate life with greater ease and grace. They support a listening that includes the body – allowing life to be as it is – opening to new possibilities and moving towards what is happening knowing it is all part of our growth and evolution.

As a GPS the Orientations help us to know how to move in each step of our journey.

The Four Orientations

Each workshop explores one of the Orientations.
Together they provide a foundation of the work of Azul.


Listening supports us in connecting to the intelligence of the body and receiving its guidance. Our primary focus is cultivating and practicing our capacity to listen through the body.


Allowing supports our ability to meet life as it is. It reminds us to not resist what is happening and not limit our experience of it. It gives us permission to keep saying “yes“ to the movement and to the moment.


Opening extends us further, as we open we create space of new possibilities to emerge. It helps us to move beyond the limits of our conditioning and habitual patterns.

Moving Towards

Moving Towards connects us to the understanding that everything in life if a part of our growth. It creates a more intimate experience with the moment, calling us into presence.

With each video you will …

Work with all 4 Orientations with a special Focus on one at the time

Have an embodied experience of each Orientation through movement

Gain an understanding of how to work with the Orientations in daily life

Deepen in the experience of embodiment and anchor in the wisdom of the body

Explore your body’s intelligence to support healing and spiritual growth

Discover the power of movement to awaken love

What people shared…

I am in my home and the silence is surrounding me. The main sensation I have in my heart and soul is trusting and feeling sustained, by myself and by others. Thanks to the Azul Orientations I am able to manage well my knots, my struggles. I am ready to finally feel independent and not get stuck in the same, repetitive, drawing of life. I am grateful to Amara and Azul.

Manuela Pacella

Dancing is really powerful! I use body awareness in my work as an executive, business and sports coach and I got inspired by the work I do with Amara. Our body has a different memory than our mind and through movement we access it, elaborate and unlock our potential and energy!

Simeonka Manova

Azul Four Orientations

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Is any experience required?

No, no previous experience or dance practice is required to explore Four Orientations workshops. You will be guided throughout the process.

All you need is to listen through your body and to stay open to what is happening while you follow your movement.

What is the format?

Four Orientation are recorded workshop videos that you can do in your own timing. Each consist two sessions of about 2h each. We suggest to block 5h to go through both sessions and have a break in between.

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you will have a choice of either streaming or downloading the videos. Purchasing the workshops gives you unlimited access to the recorded content.

“Movement provides direct access to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our souls journey.”