As we go through life, we may come to a place where we are able to observe behavioural patterns that unintentionally hurt ourselves or others. We may also notice that often we keep spiralling back to the same points of learning and keep recreating suffering.

These negative patterns keep us in a place of struggle. We fall into the same arguments with our partners, recreate the same points of tension with our loved ones, or keep being dissatisfied with our work, health or financial conditions.

Can you relate to this?

Is there any area in your life where you still feel yourself struggling or suffering? Is there any pattern that you can identify? 

If you are anything like me, than your answer is Yes, especially in the area of relationships! This is true whether we are in a committed relationship or not. To give you an example and a clue, let me share something personal. My husband Paolo and I are fortunate to enjoy a beautiful and amazing relationship that has been a source of immense growth, joy and creativity. And yet, what keeps propelling us on our evolutionary journey is the ongoing unwinding of the points of tension between us. 

We still stumble with each other from time to time- we get sticky and sometimes even stuck when certain things happen. There are feelings that get triggered where he experiences not being seen or appreciated and an aggressive angry part of me emerges. Over time, we came to recognise that these moments of tension manifest when our old woundings meet. Woundings that happened in our childhood, specifically in relationship with our mother, our father and our creator, which -together- represent the three main portals to our life on Earth. 

In my personal journey, I learned that in order to unwind my tensions and transform my unintentional suffering into spontaneous joy I needed to tend to each of these portals and to the woundings that happened in relation to each of them. 

A good starting point is to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with us and with whatever happened in our childhood. And – event more important – understand that there is nothing to fix or solve, but simply accept that this is precisely what our soul came here to learn and welcome the growth opportunity provided by the woundings we experienced. We can begin to understand these patterns by looking at where we are still dissatisfied in our lives, at the arguments we keep repeating and at the tensions we keep feeling. 

By entering each of the three portals of Mother, Father and God we come to understand what our soul is here to learn, we begin to unravel the energetic knots that we carry inside of us as a result of these experiences and unwind the tensions that show up in in our relationships and lives. Tending to these three portals allow us to dissolve the negative patterns that cause us and others to suffer. 

It is a truly powerful process! That is why we developed Portals of Healing, to address the healing that resides in each of the portals of Mother, Father and God. This program will help you identify the negative patterns that still shape your experience of life, connect them to a core childhood wound and understand the subtle layers of what you received from your Mother, your Father and from the very essence of what animates life itself, generally referred to as God.

As we do this work, healing occurs. And we keep doing it until all that is left is love. Love for your mother, women and the feminine. Love for your father, men and the masculine. And love towards life, god and all creation. The result is a more healthy, happy and joyful relationship with all of life and an increased trust that you are indeed supported.

This is a powerful time to do this work – there is so much transformation happening in our world these days, and the last thing we want is to keep repeating the same negative patterns that hold us back from expressing our fullest potential. Let’s take this opportunity to do our part and do the internal house cleaning that supports the larger human field to unwind the destructive patterns still causing suffering in our world. Because this awareness, is precisely what leads us to our own freedom.

Sending you much love ~

Portals of Healing is a part of Azul Trilogy Program that was designed to support you to align with your highest potential. It is called by participants the express train for awakening love. I have been literally blown away by the depth that can be achieved with an online program and I can pretty much guarantee you will have a deep and powerful experience.