Movement Workshop

with Amara Pagano

Olympia, WA, USA.

October 4-6, 2024

Super Early Bird till August 1, 2024

Our soul’s highest purpose lives within the wisdom of our bodies. Your Embodied Self is a key to accessing that knowledge.

Do you wonder how being embodied can support your life?

In this three-day embodiment workshop, you will:

  • Feel your own body’s intelligence
  • Release energy blocked inside your body
  • Open your heart beyond what you know is possible
  • Access the wisdom of your Soul
  • Learn embodiment techniques to anchor in your body
  • Deepen your relationship to your Higher Self


Your soul’s purpose is revealed through the wisdom of your body

Practices that support embodiment – like Azul – help awaken your potential. As we work with embodiment, more and more of the Self is revealed creating an opportunity to know yourself in a deeper way.

By working with our dancing body, we have access to the depth of communication that occurs between heart, mind and soul. Our soul is here to learn, and it is through our embodied practices that we can experience its wisdom.

All our life experiences are stored in our bodies. Connecting to Your Embodied Self helps to integrate them, so that their energy may be released, allowing us to rise on our evolutionary path.


Serve your own well being and contribute to our evolutionary leap

Meet Amara Pagano

Amara Pagano is a leader and innovator in the world of conscious dance. She has been teaching movement as spiritual practice for over 30 years and led thousands of students on a journey of embodied awakening.

She is the founder of Azul and offers workshops, retreats and Teacher Certification internationally.

“I am passionate about harnessing the body’s intelligence to support awakening our highest potential as spiritual and human beings. I believe that we are in a delicate and important passage of our life on this planet. And that it is time to rise and move towards a new way of living together.”

What People Are Saying

Amara is a masterful teacher. She has constructed a sequence of inquiries that take us deeper into the truth that is unique to our self and universal at the same time.”

— Mary, USA

“Amara shares her unique gift to hold sacred space for each participant to be guided through a journey into the body to feel, express and release what no longer serves them.”

— Roberta, CT, USA

“This is my first experience of embodiment. Seeing every one in their own dance reminded me how beautiful it is to be who you are to express yourself.”

— Miriam, Italy

An Azul Workshop with Amara Pagano

Super Early Bird till August 1, 2024


The Olympia Ballroom,
116 Legion Way SE,
Olympia, WA 98501


Friday to Sunday
October 4-6, 2024


Friday 1:00-7:00pm
Saturday 11:00-6:00pm
Sunday 1:00-5:30pm


Ronny Temple
Phone: +1 360-485-2013


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Super Early Bird till August 1, 2024

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