Embodiment Training

Deepen your Embodiment

Attain body mind soul connection

Why embodiment matters?

In our modern world we suffer from being disconnected from the wisdom of our body and heart. Mostly driven by our thinking mind, we lost touch with the resource we all have within to receive guidance, make good decisions, engage our souls learning and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Embodied movement gives you a path to reconnect with your inner knowing and facilitates a journey to reach your highest potential.

This 2 minute video will give you a flavor of the experience.
From my heart to yours…

Reconnect with your body’s wisdom

A journey towards Self

The path of Azul guides us through a process of reconnecting to the wisdom of our hearts, utilizing movement as a vehicle to awaken the intelligence of the body.

This process allows our souls purpose to come into focus and propels us towards realizing our highest potential.

Moving the body to reach the Heart

We begin with the work of embodiment by reconnecting mind and body while listening through our movements. Moving the body allows us to reach the heart.

Once the heart is awakened, the soul hears its call and awakens remembrance of the sacred work is here to do.

Embodiment Training

This training ~ led by Azul founder Amara Pagano ~ offers an in-depth exploration of the Azul Spiral and focuses on gaining an embodied understanding of each of its components.

The Azul Spiral is a map of life that facilitates our evolutionary process and the awakening of consciousness. This map helps us move towards experiencing love in every aspect of our lives, expressing our gifts and realizing our highest potential.

the Azul Spiral

Each component of the Azul Spiral provides a particular type of support to our journey of awakening love. Together, they provide a lifetime of deepening inquiry. Embodying each component frees energy that facilitates healing and growth.

The Embodiment Training is designed to accelerate our growth process and offer new useful tools to approach all life situations

In this Training you will …

Receive an in depth exploration and understanding of the Azul Spiral

Develop an understanding of embodiment and how it can support your life

Experience top level facilitation and deep teachings

Access tools & practices that will inform you how to navigate these challenging times

Deepen your own embodiment and connection to the intelligence of the body

Engage in a journey of awakening consciousness that moves through the heart

Acquire knowledge & inspiration for your daily life

Gain a psycho-spiritual understanding of life

Connect with like hearted people from different countries

What people are saying…

Amara is a truly masterful teacher. She brings such warmth and honesty to her offerings and has constructed a sequence of inquiries that takes you deeper and deeper into the truth that is unique to our self and universal at the same time.
If you love to dance and seek a deep connection to your self and others you will love Azul!

Mary, USA

I never believed that I would learn embodiment online. Amara made it possible. Exploring the map of Azul through my body was a rich and powerful experience and I’m grateful for it.

Karina, Romania

The Embodiment Training is a deep dive and exploration. Amara shares her unique gift to hold sacred space for each participant to be guided through a journey into the body to feel, express and release what no longer serves them. The work is gentle, yet powerful and profound too. It is a rich opportunity to bring coherence between the body, mind, heart and soul.

Roberta, CT, USA


a live online 5 day training
april 1-5, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format?

The Embodiment Training is a live online retreat, offered over a five consecutive days.

We strive to create an environment for participants to have a deep personal experience, as well as a group one. To receive the full benefits of the program, we recommend attending all sessions and blocking this time, as if you were at a physical event.

What is the daily program like?

The training is articulated into two 3 hour daily sessions, with a 60 min break in between.

Daily schedule
PDT – West Coast USA 6:00am-1:00pm
EDT – East Coast USA 9:00am-4:00pm
CEST – Central Europe 15:00-22:00

Are there any pre-requisites to join?

You will be able to join the Embodiment Training if you meet one or more of these pre-requisites:

  • Have danced with Amara in person or online
  • Have attended conscious dance workshops and retreats (5Rhythms, Soul Motion or other movement modalities)
  • Have experienced other forms of psychological or spiritual healing work
  • Are a movement teacher, therapist or healing practitioner

If you do not meet any of the above conditions, please email info@pathofazul.com to discuss your participation.

Will I receive a training manual?

Yes, you will receive a manual and detailed schedule in PDF format prior to the beginning of the training. The manual will help you follow the various online sessions and also work as an ongoing resource after the training.

How can I attend the sessions?

Attending the training is vey easy. All sessions will be broadcasted LIVE on the online platform Zoom.

Prior to the beginning of the training we will send you detailed instructions, a link and a password. If you are not familiar with Zoom we will be happy to assist you.

Can I interact with Amara and the group?

Yes, through out the training there will be dedicated spaces for you to ask questions and receive feedback from Amara as well as to connect with other participants.

Explore the Azul Teacher Training Program

The Azul Teacher Training is an experiential program designed for those who wish to deepen their understanding and experience of embodiment and healing through movement, either as a personal practice or to become conscious dance teachers.

This powerful container takes you through a deep personal transformation, teaches you how to create movement experiences and helps you align with your highest purpose. Please note that the Embodiment Training is a pre-requisite for the Teacher Training.

Path of Azul is a member of the ICMTA ~International Conscious Movement Teachers Association

We do this work until
all that is left is love