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In Assisi, Italy

with Amara Pagano
& Guest Teachers

July 13-17, 2024

Listening strengthens our ability to receive
to the commands of the heart

The heart is the most powerful center in the body

It is a web of neural intelligence that keeps us alive and connects us to our highest wisdom.

Listening is the key that opens the door to hearing the voice of the heart and receiving our inner knowing.

The practice of Listening brings us into a dialogue with life and strengthens our ability to receive and respond to the commands of the heart.

Our spiritual and personal evolution is guided through this center that aligns our humanity and divinity in service of the greater good.

What you will experience in this retreat

In this retreat, Amara and Guest Teachers will create a heart opening experience of embodied awakening.

The Retreat takes place in the Umbrian hills, home of St Francis and St Claire.

Expect a miraculous experience filled with wonder and reaching new realms of knowing and connection.


Super Early Bird till May 15, 2024

When the mind finds silence through the movement of the body we are able to hear our hearts wisdom

Meet Amara Pagano

Amara Pagano is a leader and innovator in the world of conscious dance. She has been teaching movement as spiritual practice for over 30 years and led thousands of students on a journey of embodied awakening.

She is the founder of Azul and offers workshops, retreats and Teacher Certification internationally.

“I am passionate about harnessing the body’s intelligence to support awakening our highest potential as spiritual and human beings. I believe that we are in a delicate and important passage of our life on this planet. And that it is time to rise and move towards a new way of living together.”

Meet  Guest  Teachers

Cristina Crescenzi

Cristina Crescenzi

Azul Teacher

Cristina offers regular weekly classes in Rome – both in-person and online. She created and supports thriving local dancing community. She also travels to festivals and gatherings to share Azul and support growth of conscious movement through collaboration. Cristina is also a producer od Amara’s workshops in Rome. She is a shining light and channel of love.

Petra Mertensaker

Petra Mertensaker

Azul Teacher

Petra lives and teaches in Munich. Important aspects that she brings into her teaching practice are: depth – connection – opening of the heart, strength and a good dose of humor. She been dancing very intensively since 2012 and have learned from many wonderful conscious movement teachers. That led her to take a step to facilitate herself and she complete the Certification as an Azul Teacher in 2017.

Sonia Leela

Sonia Leela

Life Alignment Teacher

Sonia is a seeker of truth and a prana healer. She offers Life Alignment, a practice that, through muscle testing, releases energetic and emotional blocks. This bio-computer approach aligns the body, promoting well-being, reducing stress, enhancing energy, and addressing physical and emotional disorders. It’s a simple yet powerful technique based on Dr. Jeff Levin’s vortex technology, emitting a healing current.
Shastro Rodella

Shastro Rodella

Meditation Teacher & Composer

Shastro offers his own understanding of what mindfulness means and how to apply it to our everyday life. Based on his 40 years of meditation practice, his teaching is rooted in the ever-unfolding moment and how it is experienced in the inner space. He is also one of the most prominent authors of New Age music in the USA of the last 20 years, with 18+ albums published under his name.

What People Are Saying…

“Azul gave the clarity I needed…

I came here confused. Azul gave me clarity. Now I know where I need to be in my heart and my body”.


Nury Buendia, Colombia

My heart is so open now…

I have experienced tremendous growth through Amara’s workshops. My heart is so open”.


Steve Gensler, USA

I unblocked my body

It is incredible how dance can support the body with its blocked, suppressed energies and transform it all into movement. Amara does an amazing job guiding us through the whole process and supports us individually if needed”.


Karin Schimunek, Germany

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Azul Retreat in Assisi, Italy


LeTorracce Agriturismo Olistico
Assisi, Italy


Saturday to Wednesday
13-17 July 2024


Start Saturday at 7:00 pm, finishes on Wednesday at 12:00 (noon)
Check-in from 3:00pm





Prices is for tuition only
Accommodation and meals not included, to be booked directly with LeTorracce
Please scroll down for accommodation information and prices

Book Your Accommodation at LeTorracce

Beautiful rooms in umbrian style are free internet waves to provide environment for a peaceful night sleep.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the launch area.

There is an outdoor pool on site to enjoy and relax the body.

Accommodation options available: double & multi rooms (for 3-4 people). Single rooms are not available. If you travel by yourself, you will be allocated to the room with another participant of the retreat.

Accommodation Prices:
– Double Room with Private Bath €90
– Multi Room (3-4) with Private Bath €75

Prices are per night and include 3 vegetarian buffet meals a day, access to the facility & pool

Check the website for details or contac LeTorracce directly at info@torracce.com

“Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth.”

Gabrielle Roth

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