A Weekend

In-Person Workshop

with Amara Pagano

Rome, Italy

24-26 May 2024

The Time to Experience Embodied
Aliveness is Now!

Embodied awakening is living life as a spiritual practice.

Our body is part of the process of awakening and a portal to the remembrance of who we are. We have arrived at a point in our human evolution where embodied awakening is needed to embody love and shift from fear to trust and separation to union.


In this workshop we will explore the 10 Wisdom Centers of Azul to facilitate a journey of embodied aliveness. Each center holds a key for the development of our consciousness. When we embody the consciousness connected to each center we awaken.

Serve your own well being

and contribute to our evolutionary leap

Meet Amara

Amara Pagano is a leader and innovator in the world of conscious dance. She has been teaching movement as spiritual practice for over 30 years and led thousands of students on a journey of embodied awakening.

She is the founder of Azul and which offers workshops, retreats and Teacher Certification internationally.


I am passionate about harnessing the body’s intelligence to support awakening our highest potential as spiritual and human beings. I believe that we are in a delicate and important passage of our life on this planet. And that it is time to rise and move towards a new way of living together.

“I can really say…

that Amara’s work changed my life n many ways. Thank you so much!”

Barbara Birk

“Amara has a powerful way…

of holding space, I am able to do the most profound work with her.”

Sam Bean

Join Embodied Aliveness!

An Azul Workshop with Amara Pagano

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Centro Sportivo La Salle – Istituto Pio IX Largo Arrigo VII, n.7, Roma


Friday to Sunday
24-26 May, 2024

Friday 20:00-22:30
Saturday 11:00-18:00
Sunday 11:00-17:00


Cristina Crescenzi
email: cristina.pathofazul@gmail.com
tel: +39 346 304 7625
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