DAL Retreat - The Path of Azul
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Dancers Awakening Love

Kisslegg, Germany | June 10-13, 2021


Sonnenstrahl Center
Sebastian-Kneipp-Straße 1
D-88353 Kisslegg


Thursday to Sunday
10-13 June, 2021


Check in – 3:00 pm
Starts Thursday – 7:00 pm
Ends Sunday – 12:00 pm

“To awaken love means to awaken your potential, your deepest power. It means to awaken the divinity that inhabits you, as well as all the gifts and talents that come with it. Awakening love is synonymous with illuminating all the shadows within us.” Prem Baba

The Dancers Awakening Love (DAL) Retreat is a three day retreat held in conjunction with the OneDanceTribe Europe event and it is designed to integrate the experience of the event in a more intimate setting, as well as explore the path of Azul.

There is an increased amount of light that is touching all of us now. And that light is illuminating the shadow inside of us like never before. In this retreat we will use the dance to support the journey of embracing our shadow. Utilizing the bodies intelligence to feel and integrate our experiences so that we emerge more available to love.

The retreat offers a long weekend of diving into the healing waters of the dance and the experience of awakening love!

Each DAL Retreat will offer new content. So you will be able to come back again and again and harvest new pearls of awakening love.

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“I came here confused. Azul gave me clarity. Now I know where I need to be in my heart and my body.”   Nury Buendia, Colombia

“I’ve experienced tremendous growth through Amara’s workshops. My heart is so open.”    Steve Gensler, USA

“It is amazing like always how dance can move your body with its blocked, suppressed energies and transform pool of the pain into movement. Amara does an amazing job guiding us through the whole process and supports us individually if needed. Thank you Amara and thank you all other participants”    Karin Schimunek, Germany

“Embodiment is allowing our heart, mind, and body to exist as one miraculous skin.”


Dancers Awakening Love ~ Join now!

Tuition €325

Accommodation not included to be booked with Sonnenstrahl directly.
Please Scroll down for accommodation packages options.



Located in the beautiful Allgau countryside, with access to a lake and nature trails, Sonnenstrahl is the perfect place for your retreat.

Accommodation prices are per day and include access to the facility, pool and sauna and three vegetarian buffet meals a day.

Several accommodation options are available single, double, multi rooms and camping.

Spacious rooms are free of eletronic devices and radio waves for a peaceful night of sleep. Free Wi-Fi is available in the bar area.

Accommodation Prices

Single Room Private Bath € 98
Double Room with Private Bath € 84
Single and Double Room Shared Bath € 70

Dormitory with Shared Bath €63
Camping €49
Offsite day pass €42

Please note that if you don’t stay at Sonnenstrahl, the Center requires that you purchase an offsite day pass. The day pass includes access to the facility, pool and meals. Please check in at the Sonnenstrahl front desk upon arrival.

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