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Integrating Lower and Higher Self

Have you ever wanted to hear the voice of your Higher Self more clearly?

Learn a map to understand the journey of the Self from a spiritual and human perspective that illustrates the relationship between these two parts of you, and gives you the tools to integrate the lower self. This is what allows you to hear the voice of your higher self more clearly.

Receive the map and dance through a movement journey to experience a taste of how this process works!

Your higher self is your intuition – your inner leader – the part that guides you

Our higher and lower selves have different voices. It sounds black and white but the key is that there are many shades of gray. There is a mixing of these voices that can be confusing. In this daylong workshop I will share with you a map that will help you to understand what is happening.

We will cover the highlights of what it illuminates and dance through a movement journey to experience a taste of how the process of integrating the lower self works.

With this video workshop you will:

  • Receive a map to understand the relationship of the lower and higher self

  • Learn the expressions of the lower self

  • Listen to your body and begin the journey of integration that allows you to live more connected to your higher self

Integrating Lower and Higher Self

Azul Online Video Workshop

By clicking on one of the button below, you will be able to purchase an online workshop video. It will give you unlimited access to the recorded teachings and guided movement. You will have the option to download or stream.

It is priced at €49

As these are challenging times we want as many people as possible to be able to dance.
You will have an option on registration to receive a 25% discount if needed.

Amara is a truly masterful teacher. She brings such warmth and honesty to her offerings. If you love to dance and seek a deep connection to your self and others you will love Azul!

Mary Janowitz

Amazing to connect with dancers from so many countries and cultures online! I love dancing outdoors when possible – this allows that freedom


Mukti Khanna

as we bring light
to our movement ~
we begin to illuminate
the beauty in all of who we are

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