Azul video workshop


Have you ever wanted to hear the voice
of your Higher Self more clearly?

Learn a map to understand the journey of the Self from a spiritual and human perspective that illustrates the relationship between these two parts of you, and gives you the tools to integrate the lower self. This is what allows you to hear the voice of your higher self more clearly.

Receive the map and dance through a movement journey to experience a taste of how this process works!


Your higher self is your intuition – your inner leader – the part that guides you

Our higher and lower selves have different voices. It sounds black and white but the key is that there are many shades of gray. There is a mixing of these voices that can be confusing.

Receive tools to navigate your inner world more clearly

In this workshop I will share with you a map that will help you to understand what is happening.

We will cover the highlights of what it illuminates and dance through a movement journey to experience a taste of how the process of integrating the lower self works.

We will use conscious dance as a way to connect to the body and its wisdom. This is an experiential program with pre-recorded teachings.  

In this video workshop you will…

Receive a map to understand the relationship of the lower and higher self

Listen to the body and learn the expressions of the lower self

Begin the journey of integration that allows you to live more connected to your higher self

Deepen in the experience of embodiment and anchor in the wisdom of the body

Explore the body’s intelligence to support healing and spiritual growth

Be held and guided in the process of self-discovery through movement

What people shared…

Amara and the music create a magical mystery tour through the body and the psyche. It is the best ride I have been on in a long time! It is the most powerful way to transform yourself within days.


My experience was very deep throughout the online format. I was surprised that I was able to feel amazing connections with the collective group and individuals.


Integrating Lower and higher self

online video workshop

Azul Video Workshop

Full Price €49

Frequently Asked Questions

Is any experience required?

No, no previous experience or dance practice is required to explore this workshop. You will be guided throughout the process.

All you need is to listen through your body and to stay open to what is happening while you follow your movement.

What is the format?

This is an experiential program with prerecorded teachings, that you can do in your own timing. We suggest blocking 4-5h for undisturbed process.

Please make sure you have a space to dance.

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you will have a choice of either streaming or downloading the videos. Purchasing the workshops gives you unlimited access to the recorded content.

“Using movement to awaken consciousness. Listening through the body to discover more of who we are.”