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2013 – 2023

Enjoy some of the magic moments captured at past OneDanceTribe events

OneDanceTribe r-Evolution

“I found love, acceptance, kindness, delicacy, strength, and I met beautiful souls on the journey. This is the world I have always dreamed.”

— Lucia Pianeti, Italy

“I was so blessed of being in this peaceful atmosphere of loving revolution! It was a healing journey for me and my soul.”

— Annett Spörl, Germany

“These five days were an unimaginable acceleration for my future. A transformational journey beyond my dreams and expectations. I died and re-birthed , laughed and cried, met my inner pain and love. I feel deeply back on my unique path with love inside and outside as my best guide. “

— Albane de Chalain, France

“ODT is a gathering where we reconnect and come home to our most important teacher: our own body.”

— Nathalie Rubiano

“ODT is a joyful gathering where it is so easy to get in deep loving contact with strangers, opening up to the wonderful beings that are behind the personalities. It is a place to meet life and embrace everything, even the darkest bits of it.”

— Melanie Nowak, Germany

“Coming to OneDanceTribe brings me to a deeper and deeper level of experience with my body, emotions, soul, fellow dancers. It’s love in practice.”

— Henriëtte, Netherlands

“OneDanceTribe points to the future of dance practice. The collaboration of the teachers brought an unexpected depth to my experience.”

— Brian, USA

“I came without knowing anybody and I leave as a family member of OneDanceTribe. Deep connection with myself and others was possible. Great experience!”

— Anke, Germany

“I am blown away by the joyful, heartful lightness with deep transformational power at the same time. We need events/gatherings like this to release the “I” into the importance of “we”. Thank you for this strong collective field!”

— Melanie

“Transformation happens most gracefully when we hold space for each other with much good will and genuine love. We move together to be moved, from deep within ourselves, to awaken individually and together as One. That is the OneDanceTribe experience.”

— Rose, HI, USA

“Again, one of the most amazing experiences I made, every time on even deeper level.”

— Maximilliane, Germany

“The space of this event is unique – it allows you to unfold unknown “things” – to explore on your own and together with others. Incredibly beautiful what arises if you let it be, if you accept!”

— Daniela, Germany

“I came here to share my healing gifts but instead received so much from all the dancers and teachers. This has been a truly nourishing space and I hope to come back! Thank you!”

—Daniel, Columbia

“This is a community that I treasure. Each time I dance here, my soul expands, and I connect with myself in new and kind ways. Being here is truly a gift spiritually, emotionally and physically.”

— Beth Offenbacher, USA

“I feel so touched and really blessed: in the dance with myself, with other dancers, and in this loving community. My body opened and freed to creativity, and my heart felt so much love”

— Ingrid Ruess

“Play and pray. The authentic connection of the popular triad body-mind-spirit. To enhance the consciousness of the everlasting relationship between the relative and absolute: the in-between.”

— Martin von Rutte

“For me being here was like looking into the mirror and seeing so different aspects of myself. I felt joy, pleasure, laughter, sadness, community, separation, female power, male power, devotion, love, happiness.”

— Elisabeth Labes

“This was a third time that I attended ODT in Kisslegg and every time I dive deeper into my body and it makes me feel very alive and vibrant. I want more!”

— Christine Eloot

“I loved the spirit of oneness, the way teachers weave the sessions. For me it was truly a magical week: I allowed myself to remain open to receive without expectations and every day received gifts one after the other filled with magic.”

— Maria Alejandra Pena

“One Dance Tribe Europe was a gift in self-exploration. I would travel a long distance to attend again. It is where dance has real meaning and purpose.”

— Anthony Roraback, USA

“One Dance Tribe is the next step, a path of true love and open, creative spirit.”

— Janos Grimm, Germany

“So much love and connection, seeing each other, and appreciation of each one of us while dancing. This is what the world needs.”

— Christl Riemer-Metzger, Germany

“At the moment I “found” the ODT homepage, I fell deeply in love, not knowing why. Now I know. This is my tribe of love and unity in diversity.”

— Ananda Monika Wiese

“Beautiful experience – beautiful humans. Gives me great hope for the future of humanity.”

Rossco Duncan (Australia)

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