Dance and Awaken your body’s wisdom

6-day Embodiment Training

+ 3-month of integration and support


Kisslegg, Germany

6-11 September 2024

dance ~ align ~ awaken

the MOVEMENT MAP is a method for integrating the 10 points of the Azul Spiral Map to land your soul in your body

During the 6-day training you will receive a deep dive into the Azul Spiral as a path to embodiment. The 3-month integration program will help you embody the method and apply it in all aspects of your life.

what people are saying

Amara is a masterful teacher. She has constructed a sequence of inquiries that take us deeper into the truth that is unique to our self and universal at the same time.”

— Mary, USA

I never believed that I would learn embodiment online. Amara made it possible. Exploring the map of Azul through my body was a rich & powerful experience.”

— Karina, Romania

“Amara shares her unique gift to hold sacred space for each participant to be guided through a journey into the body to feel, express and release what no longer serves them.”

— Roberta, CT, USA

“I highly recommend this training, it is a space in which I felt so deeply held and seen and at the same time could deeply surrender and see the feminine, sheer magic was created.”
— Brian Segal, South Africa

“This is my first experience of embodiment. Seeing every one in their own dance reminded me how beautiful it is to be who you are to express yourself.”

— Miriam, Italy

why embodiment matters?

In our modern world we suffer from being disconnected from the wisdom of our body and our heart. Mostly driven by our thinking mind, we’ve lost touch with the resources we all have within to receive guidance, make good decisions, engage our souls learning and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Embodied movement gives you a clear path to reconnect with your inner knowing and facilitates a union of your mind, body, heart and soul. From here you embark on a journey to reach your highest potential.

This 2 minute video will give you a flavor of the experience.

From my heart to yours…

Discover the transformative power of movement:

Azul Dance has the capacity to bring us into a state of embodiment with ease and grace. It naturally happens when we practice listening through our movements and following the body. This connection is simple but profound. It allows the different layers of body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to begin to find coherence so that our thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned.

Move the body to reach the heart:

In Azul we move the body to reach the heart. When the heart is open, the union between our humanity and divinity is able to be experienced in our lives. This is what we call embodied awakening. Azul Dance makes spirituality practical. 

This training ~ led by Azul founder Amara Pagano ~ offers an in-depth exploration of the Azul Spiral and focuses on gaining an embodied understanding of each of its components.

The Azul Spiral is a map of life that facilitates our evolutionary process and the awakening of consciousness. This map helps us move towards experiencing love in every aspect of our lives, expressing our gifts and realizing our highest potential.

exploring the Azul Spiral

The Azul Spiral Map is a journey towards embodied awakening, to free yourself from excessive thought and land your soul in your body.

We will explore the 10 points of the map to facilitate a deepening of your embodiment. You will receive a full body activation that gives you a blueprint of embodied awakening that you can apply and bring to all areas of your life.

The MOVEMENT MAP is a method designed to guide you through the 10 points of the Azul Spiral Map to accelerate your spiritual growth and evolution so that you can be a powerful force on the planet at this time.

meet Amara Pagano

I have been teaching movement as spiritual practice for 30+ years. I have guided thousands of people through a process of embodied awakening.

It’s been my work and passion my whole life. I began in my 20’s studying movement as a healing art and discovered Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms.

I fell head over heels in love and immediately trained and built my work teaching internationally. I knew something was birthing through me – an evolution – and 10 years ago it happened. I was holding on tight to my identity as a 5R teacher but when I was finally able to let go, I birthed the work of Azul.

I had an experience where I received the AZUL SPIRAL MAP and a full transformational program. Azul is evolving and I continue to receive information and movement technology about how to support the healing and transformation needed in this time.

I would be honored to support your process of embodied awakening. The first step is the MOVEMENT MAP – to activate the 10 points that awaken your body’s intelligence.

“I am so grateful…

to have a sense of myself that I don’t remember having before. I feel alive! I wake up in the morning, bouncing out of bed. I want to live here. The field is so loving. I’ve been carried so tenderly through this whole process, What an incredible journey, It’s like coming home.”

Kim Burke, USA

“The azul spiral training…

…was the most profound healing experience I have ever had. I never felt more deeply connected to myself and embodied. Amara creates a magical mystery tour through the body and the psyche. It is the most powerful way to transform yourself within days.”

Lynn Korst, USA

with the movement map you will receive

An in-person 6 Day Training for a full activation of your body

In the 6-day embodiment training, you will follow the Azul Spiral Map and activate each of its components. This process results in a full body activation, allowing you to embody this spiritual path and gain access to its tools and techniques to use in your life.

A Transformative Process that opens your heart and raises your frequency

You will experience the power of movement to awaken your heart and learn to use movement to free your energy. The process accelerates growth and healing and brings a positive impact to every aspect of your life.

A Training Manual that articulates the teachings of the Azul

In this 40-page training manual you will gain lifetime access and inspiration for your process of embodied awakening.

90 Days of LIVE Daily Practice

Integrate the training with an online weekday practice with other people in the Azul community who meet daily. Deepen your connection to yourself, others, and the larger world.

12 Weeks of LIVE Classes

Integrate your experience of the 5 Day Embodiment Training with weekly LIVE class led by Amara and Azul Teachers from around the world.

Access to an online Library of Movement Meditations

Enjoy 90-days of access to our Spiral Collections, a selection of Azul’s Movement Meditations to watch on-demand.

plus receive these free bonuses…


3 months in the AZUL PORTAL

The AZUL PORTAL provides

  • Support for DAILY PRACTICE with an International Community
  • A weekly LIVE CLASS with Amara or another Azul Teacher
  • A guided exploration of Azul with curated content that rotates monthly

It will keep you dancing, inspired and connected!

(value $111)


4 Part Workshop Series on the 4 Orientations of Azul

Enjoy a home study course with 20 hours of workshop content giving you an in depth exploration of each of the 4 Orientations: Listening, Allowing Opening and Moving Towards. Each part will give you the support of one orientation so you have a complete GPS for life!

    (value $197)

    Here’s everything you will receive:

    1. A 6-Day Training for a full activation of your body – 6-11 Sep | Kisslegg, Germany
    2. A Transformative Process that opens your heart and raises your frequency
    3. A Training Manual that articulates the teachings of the Azul
    4. 90 Days of Live Daily Practice
    5. 12 Weeks of Live Classes
    6. Access to a Library of Movement Meditations
    PLUS You’ll Receive These Bonuses:

    BONUS #1

    3 months in the AZUL PORTAL (value €111)

    BONUS #2

    4 Part Workshop Series on the 4 Orientations of Azul (value €197)


    Joining is Flexible and Easy




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    Early Bird until September 15!

    Payment Plan

    Get started with 3 monthly payments




    Early Bird until September 15!

    Partial scholarships available for people in need. To apply, please write to

    To book your accommodation please contact Sonnenstrahl Center (see information below)

    One-Time Payment

    Save with one payment




    Early Bird until September 15!

    Payment Plan

    Get started with 3 monthly payments




    Early Bird until September 15!

    Partial scholarships available for people in need. To apply, please write to

    To book your accommodation please contact Sonnenstrahl Center (see information below)

    Here are some common questions about the MOVEMENT MAP

    What if I’m not a dancer?

    In Azul, we believe that everyone is a dancer. Whether you find yourself twirling around the room, or lying on your floor concentrating on your breath, Azul is a conscious movement practice and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

    You are welcome here exactly as you are. There are no steps to follow. There are no requirements to participate. There is only the support for you to discover the dancer that you are.

    What is the daily program like?

    Below you will find details of our daily schedule at the Retreat in Kisslegg.
    Schedule subject to change – final version will be displayed on site.

    Day 1 (6. Sept)
    3:00-6:00 pm Check in
    6:00-7:00 pm Dinner
    7:00-10:00 pm Opening Session

    Day 2-5 (7-10. Sept)
    8:00-9:00 am Breakfast
    9:30-12:15 pm Morning Session
    12:30-1:30 pm Lunch
    1:30-3:30 pm Free Time
    3:30-6:15 pm Afternoon Session
    6:30-7:30 pm Dinner
    8:00-9:30 pm Evening Session

    Day 6 (11. Sept)
    8:00-9:00 am Breakfast
    9:30-12:00 pm Closing Session
    12:30-1:30 Lunch (optional)

    What if I can’t stand or move for long periods of time?

    You are welcome to come however you are. There are many ways to participate and receive the benefit of embodied movement.

    You can dance sitting in your chair, lying on the floor and you can also rest as you need. Participation is about presence and it is possible to stay present and rest your body as you need.

    This movement practice can be done by anyone regardless of physical ability, fitness, or prior dance experience.

    Often, we disconnect from our bodies because of pain. Sometimes we don’t receive inner guidance or messages our bodies are telling us.

    The map shows us away towards a connection to self, a sense of self felt through the body. Then things can move and transform in your body and in your life as a lived experience towards self-discovery, and personal healing.

    Are there any pre-requisites to join?

    You will be able to join the Embodiment Training if you meet one or more of these pre-requisites:

    • Have danced with Amara in person or online
    • Have attended conscious dance workshops and retreats (5Rhythms, Soul Motion or other movement modalities)
    • Have experienced other forms of psychological or spiritual healing work
    • Are a movement teacher, therapist or healing practitioner

    If you do not meet any of the above conditions, please email to discuss your participation.

    What if I don’t have enough time or money?

    Committing to yourself is self-care. Committing to a practice and a path can transform your life. It can increase your capacity to allow more in your life and tap into your life force, abundance and the gifts you have to offer. What we give our time to has a big effect on our experience of life.

    We have a Scholarship Fund that you can apply for assistance to attend our programs.

    What is the accommodation?

    Below you will find all details of the facility to help you orient.

    Yoga und Seminarzentrum Sonnenstrahl,
    Sebastian-Kneipp-Strasse 1,
    88353 Kisslegg
    Phone: (+49) 7563 1890

    Please arrange your accommodation directly with the Sonnenstrahl Center. There are various accommodation options available – single, double, multi rooms and camping.

    To contact the Sonnenstrahl Center – please click on the link here.

    Please note that if you stay off site – Sonnenstrahl requires you to purchase a day pass for the use of the facility and for your meals.

    There will be 3 buffet meals per day.
    Food will be vegetarian with dairy, eggs, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options available.

    Please know that there is a pool and sauna on site. Remember to bring your swimsuit to enjoy it.

    How to plan my travel and arrival?
    The retreat starts on September 22nd with check in time at 3:00-6:00 pm – we will be next to the dancing space so kindly come to complete your registration once you arrange your room with the Sonnenstrahl Center.

    Dinner will be served at 6:00-7:00 pm. The opening session starts at 7:00 pm.
    We encourage you if possible to plan your arrival early enough so you can settle in a relaxed way.

    Nearest airports are:
    Memmingham (35 min by car or train)
    Munich (car 2h, train 2.5-3.5h)
    Zurich (car 2h, train 3-4h)
    Stuttgart (car 2h, train 2.5h)

    Sonnenstrahl Center is very to Kisslegg train station. You can check connection here:

    Sonnenstrahl Center

    Located in the beautiful Allgau countryside, with access to a lake and nature trails, Sonnenstrahl is the perfect place for your retreat.

    Please arrange your accommodation directly with the Sonnenstrahl Center

    Yoga und Seminarzentrum Sonnenstrahl,
    Sebastian-Kneipp-Strasse 1,
    88353 Kisslegg
    Phone: (+49) 7563 1890

    Spacious rooms are free of electronic devices and radio waves to provide environment for a peaceful night sleep.

    Free Wi-Fi is available in the bar.

    There is a heated pool and sauna on site to enjoy and relax the body.

    Several accommodation options available: single, double, multi rooms and camping. Please see below for details.

    Accommodation Prices

    • Single Room Private Bath € 108
    • Double Room with Private Bath € 94
    • Sonnenstrahl Double Room € 100
    • Single and Double Room Shared Bath € 80/83
    • Dormitory with Shared Bath €73
    • Camping €59
    • Offsite day pass €44

    Prices are per night and include 3 vegetarian buffet meals a day, access to the facility, pool.

    Please note that if you don’t stay at Sonnenstrahl, the Center requires that you purchase an offsite day pass. The day pass includes access to the facility, pool and meals.

    Please check in at the Sonnenstrahl front desk upon arrival.