New York Gallery
2019 – 2020

Enjoy some of the magic moments captured at past OneDanceTribe events

“My participation in this OneDanceTribe event exceeded my expectations! Amazing teachers, playful and profound learnings, lovely connections, new friends! So grateful! I can’t wait for the next encounter!”

— Helen Garcia

“OneDanceTribe has turned my soul upside down, inside out and sideways – only to land exactly as it should be. Here. I. Am.”

— Stacy

“OneDanceTribe is an incredible community of like-minded souls coming together to grow, expand, heal, and transform. I highly recommend coming – it will be life changing for you!”

— Jennifer Joy Jimenez, creator of TranscenDance(tm)

“This experience was nurturing and challenging in all the most important ways. Such a wonderful group of teachers I am so grateful for.”

— Participant

“You might think you’ve headed to a week-long dance party, but what you’ll find is a way back to yourself, and opening to unimaginable joy, deepening of relationships, and to spirit.”

— Jane Parkes

“Profound, transformational, embodied, fun, playful, deep, connected with the divine + our community-in-motion. The loving heart connections with other participants were also pivotal in repatterning so much.”

— Marla

“This event is greater than I expected, it opened up so many more layers of dancing and so much to explore and grow.”

— Jinseng

“OneDanceTribe is truly bridging modalities. We as a community are folks who understand, from the inside out, that we are involved in one great dance. Heart is the center piece.”

— Dev Bry

“Magnificent. Above my expectations. Fulfilling. Receiving and giving. Expanding. Grounding. Finding my heart. Opening my heart.”

— Veronika

“Wow! What an amazing experience! Thank you for putting together something so amazing, healing, nurturing! I’ve never hugged so many people nor felt this loved and seen in my live. I will never be invisible again!”

— Lisa

“Beautiful experience – beautiful humans. Gives me great hope for the future of humanity.”

Rossco Duncan (Australia)

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