6-days of Joy and Deep Transformational Experiences

The most powerful international conscious dance event of the year!

Kisslegg, Germany

16-21 JUNE 2023

Join the OneDanceTribe R-EVOLUTION!

an event full of love and magic

Connect with an extraordinary group of school founders, senior teachers and world class healers

and be a part of the revolution of consciousness that is blossoming on the planet 

celebrate the power of embodied awakening 

 Enjoy a delightful and rich exploration of conscious dance and the experience of oneness through dance

 savouring the joy of being fully present, united and supported in your commitment to love and truth.

Experience the amazing Power of One!

you will enjoy….

♥ learning from masters weaving their sessions as one 

♥ relaxing in the warm pool and sauna

♥ rejouvinating with cutting edge healing services

♥ receiving amazing watsu sessions 

♥ connecting with a like hearted  international community 

♥ dancing in a stunning indoor and outdoor environment

♥ sharing your deepest joys and sorrows

♥ co-creating a celebration of consciousness

♥ walking around a beautiful country and lake

♥ experiencing the power of embodied awakening

feeling inspired and energized

6 days full of love and inspiration

our beloved faculty

Amara Pagano

Amara Pagano

Founder of Azul and Co-Founder of OneDanceTribe

  • Amara has been teaching movement as spiritual practice for 30 years. She facilitates and trains others to create psycho-spiritual movement experiences as a path of awakening love.
Michael Molkin-Skelton

Michael Molkin-Skelton

Founder of Movements Matter

  • Michael is a beloved senior faculty Open Floor and Soul Motion trainer. A true transformational master that has been sharing the sacredness and the magic of life for over 30 years.


Adam Barley

Adam Barley

Founder of ZeroOne

  • Adam has built a world-wide reputation for transformative embodiment work. He is a movement catalyst, author, and founder of ZeroOne, an evolving mystery school based on embodiment, presence and enquiry.
Edgar Spieker

Edgar Spieker

CoFounder Soul Motion Institute

  • Edgar is a dance therapist from Hamburg, Germany who has been dancing for almost his entire life and taught different movement and vocal expression practices for more than 25 years.
Lei'ohu Ryder

Lei'ohu Ryder

Co-Founder of Aloha in Action

  • Lei’Ohu is a spiritual leader, visionary, healer, singer/songwriter. She is the recipient of several international awards offers her precious indigenous wisdom in Hawaii and throughout the world.
Maydeem 'Iao

Maydeem 'Iao

Co-Founder of Aloha in Action

  • Maydeen is an emissary of “aloha” and advocates for the indigenous soul in all people, blind to the labels that separate us from experiencing the true nature of our selves and others.
Cyrill Chantereau

Cyrill Chantereau

Founder of Just Dance with Life

  • After 30 years of practice in different initiatory paths Cyrill has developed The Dance of the Present, a holistic medicine dance practice that leads people to experience living in the here and now.


Founder of Dance of Liberation

Parashakti is the creator of a method of movement therapy that draws on shamanic traditions to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual integration.

    Eva Alewa Geueke

    Eva Alewa Geueke

    Founder of Wave Continuum™

    • After working with Emily Conrad and Susan Harper for many years Eva created Wave-Continuum. It is a beautiful movement practice that opens the heart and connects the dancer to the deep wisdom of life embedded in our cells and the universe.
    Cristina Crescenzi & Gudrun Zacher

    Cristina Crescenzi & Gudrun Zacher

    Silent Waves Dance in Nature

    Outdoor Silent Waves with Azul teachers Cristina Crescenzi from Rome and Gudrun Zacher from Allgau. They will bring headphones and offer you a chance to dance in nature and feel the joy of merging with the natural rhythm of life.

      what is OneDanceTribe?

      An international community of people practicing conscious movement

      as a path of personal and global transformation

      Celebrating 10 years of transforming lives across the world!

      We gather founders and senior movement teachers, healers, dancers, artists and community leaders from all over the planet to share an experience of relating and collaborating as One Global Tribe.

      Our skilled and experienced faculty weave their teachings into one stream, demonstrating how -when we work together with purpose- we can create something bigger and better that we can do on our own.

      Our mission is to awaken love in our hearts and contribute to the creation of a peaceful and prosperous global community.

      We work to create a field of love, inclusion and abundance that supports the shift from fear to  trust and separation to unity.

      We gather to honor our unique gifts and contributions and celebrate the power of collaboration.

      Together we build strength, form an international network of likehearted people, and make a difference.

      what participants say

      “All the practices talk about unity, consciousness, but in reality there is a lot of separation. Here the ONE is REAL”.

      — Marcella Panseri, Italy

      I feel deeply touched and nourished from spending those days dancing and living with this wonderful group of people, this truly international tribe of consciousness”

      — Andreas Ziorjen, Switzerland

      Transformative, heart opening, grounding. I have found my authentic voice after a lifetime of dance for the first time! The integrative approach to dance freed me!”

      — Stacey Clarfield, New York USA

      “This is a community that I treasure. Each time I dance here, my soul expands, and I connect with myself in new and kind ways. Being here is truly a gift spiritually, emotionally and physically”

      — Bettina Offenbacher, USA

      “One of the most beautiful, complete and satisfying coming togethers of my life. For the body and the soul. What a tribe!”

      — Christian Doll, Germany

      our vision and purpose

          OneDanceTribe calls us together as one circle

      united in our vision of

      transforming ourselves and transforming the world.

      We work to create a field of love, inclusion and abundance

      that supports shifting fear into trust

      and separation into unity.

      We are committed to cultivate the values of

      Honesty     Kindness    Self-Responsibility

      Beauty       Dedication     Service

      These values foster collaboration, harmony and joy.

      Dancers Awakening Love

      with Amara Pagano
      Lei’Ohu Ryder and Maydeen ‘Iao

      22-25 JUNE 2023

      can love win….?      the answer is yes!

      Join Amara, Lei’Ohu and Maydeen for an amazing 4-day deeper dive into embodied awakening!

      This will be the first time this trio of souls collaborate to create a deep dive into the waters of love. There is no one more experienced to do that than each of these beings.

      Amara is a founder of Azul. She has been teaching movement as spiritual practice for 30+ years and is deeply committed to supporting embodied awakening.

      Lei’Ohu and Maydeen are Hawaiian elders who are the Emissaries of Aloha. They are spiritual leaders, visionaries, healers and singer/songwriters. They live and breath aloha which at its essence is love.


      The Integration Services are individual sessions offered throughout the event by a selected team of highly experienced therapists who specialize in different aspects of the healing arts. Below you will find a short bio and description of the services offered. The private sessions are not included in the tuition for the event.

      our magic integration team

      Christina Pelzer

      Christina Pelzer

      Founder of Somaja

      • Somaja is a holistic bodywork practice of embodied spirituality that integrates energy medicine and systemic epigenetic cell clearing.
      Claudia Pauly

      Claudia Pauly


      • Claudia is a master Osteopath that supports regaining freedom of movement and enhances the capacity for your body to experience balance.
      Lei'ohu Ryder

      Lei'ohu Ryder

      Spiritual Healing

      • Lei’Ohu is a powerful spiritual leader that supports people clearing old wounds and patterns and reconnect to our soul’s purpose.
      Maydeem 'Iao

      Maydeem 'Iao

      Aloha in Action

      • Maydeen is an amazing intuitive healer that lovingly leads people through a process of rediscovering one’s wholeness.
      Robin Spiegel

      Robin Spiegel

      Transformational Bodywork & Energy Healing

      • Robin offers sessions that support the release of old patterns and beliefs, opening up the space for new beginnings to unfold.
      Gyan Schulte

      Gyan Schulte


      • Gyan is a health practitioner, watsu and meditation teacher with over 25 years of experience and will offer watsu sessions.
      Catherine Ribaut

      Catherine Ribaut


      • Catherine is an energy therapist, Watsu and Lomi Lomi practitioner. Trained in Craniosacral Bodywork; Body-oriented Psychology; Psychodynamic Life Counseling.
      Maureen Chin

      Maureen Chin

      Myofascial Release (MFR)

      • Maureen combines MFR, Therapeutic Touch and components of Azul to decrease pain, restore motion and fluidity to the body and release restrictions in the fascial system.
      Eva Alewa Geueke

      Eva Alewa Geueke


      • Eva Alewa Geueke is working for 40 years with Dance and Healing. she assists in healing the body and mind so there can be a choice of beauty, light and joy.
      Lavenda Sybille Schaff

      Lavenda Sybille Schaff

      Lomi Lomi Massages & Clarity Breathwork

      • Lomi Massages offers deep physical relaxation and grounding into your body and soul. Clarity Breathwork opens your heart by gently nurturing Divine Breath of Life
      Theresa Ackermann

      Theresa Ackermann

      Embodiment Coach & Azul Teacher

      • Theresa offers 1:1 intensive sessions that provide healing and support in the exploration of deeply rooted life questions.

      Join the OneDanceTribe R-Evolution!

      Event Details


      Sonnenstrahl Center
      Kisslegg, Germany


      16-21 June


      Check-in at 2:00pm
      Event Starts at 5:00pm 
      Ends 21 June at 1:00pm 


      Join the OneDanceTribe R-Evolution 2023

      &  the Dancers Awakening Love for a Full 10 Day Experience!

      ….or buy individually.

      Full 10-Day Experience

      OneDanceTribe rEvolution & Dancers Awakening Love

      16 – 25 June 2023



      OneDanceTribe R-Evolution

      16 – 21 June 2023


      Dancers Awakening Love

      22 – 25 June 2023


      All prices are for tuition only
      Accommodation and meals not included, to be booked directly with Sonnenstrahl Center
      Please scroll down for accommodation and commuter rates

      Hosted at the astonishing Sonnenstrahl Center

      Located in the beautiful Allgau countryside, with access to a lake and nature trails, Sonnenstrahl is the perfect place for your retreat.

      book your own accomodation

      Several accommodation options available: single, double, multi rooms and camping. Please see below for details.
      Prices are per night and include 3 vegetarian buffet meals a day, access to the facility, pool and sauna.

      Spacious rooms are free of electronic devices and radio waves to provide environment for a peaceful night sleep.

      Free Wi-Fi is available in the bar.

      Accommodation Prices

      Single Room Private Bath € 108
      Double Room with Private Bath € 94
      Single and Double Room Shared Bath € 80/83

      Dormitory with Shared Bath € 73
      Camping €59
      Offsite day pass €52

      Please note that if you don’t stay at Sonnenstrahl, the Center requires that you purchase an offsite day pass. The day pass includes access to the facility, pool and meals. Please check in at the Sonnenstrahl front desk upon arrival.



      Sonnenstrahl Center
      Sebastian-Kneipp-Strasse 1, 88353 Kisslegg