Check out this short video blog and let’s begin to explore the Power of Yes together.

YES supports us to be in agreement with life and our ability to cultivate our YES is a SuperPower we can all access.

I believe we can lean into the power of yes to help us in the passage we are navigating. We are living through an intense moment of accelerated change – it is easy to feel overwhelmed – to feel lost – to be afraid or uncertain and the energy of YES can give us a way through.

When we say YES we create the conditions for us to find our way and to discover the new. So embodying the energy of Yes can carry us far and put some wind in our sails.

I want to clarify that I am speaking about the energy of YES, not the word YES.You can probably relate to the experience of someone saying YES but on an energetic level they mean NO.

And there is also a way that the word NO is a big energetic YES. When you are clear with what you need and say a clear NO you feel alive inside you and aligned, this is the energy of YES.

So today we will explore the relationship of YES with each of the Orientations of Azul Listening Allowing Opening and Moving TowardsSoo we can embody the sensation of YES and anchor ourselves in this possibility.

Listening supports us to receive the inner cues and clues about what is true for us, the Yes of I am here – embodied.

Allowing supports us to be in the current of life to, as best we can, not resist what is happening. It is the sensation of going with Life the YES of being in the current.

Opening creates space for the YES to be felt fully and for us to be carried further.It creates space for the passage of what needs to be let go of and a space to receive the information about what the new that we are moving towards.

Moving Towards supports us to keep meeting the present moment – orienting us to stay present available and in agreement with life.

There is a pathway that opens – when we can say YES – to what is happening
to our fear
to our uncertainty
to the chaos
to the covid.

There is a path that opens.

This is the power of YES.