FREE 5-Day Embodied
Movement Event

MARCH 23-27, 2024

Free Your Body ~ Free Your Life!



FREE 5-Day Embodied
Movement Event

MARCH 23-27, 2024

Free your body ~ Free your life!

Experience Your Body’s Wisdom

You have everything you need inside of you!

Many of us move through life disconnected from the resources of the body – we operate from our thinking mind and miss out on all the information available to us when we are embodied.

This 5 day embodied movement event will help you connect to your body and awaken its intelligence!

It is designed to activate the 5 main wisdom centers in the body that have heightened intelligence and when they are online, you are able to experience the full flow of energy through your body and tap into YOUR inner knowing.

Your body is the container and conscious movement is the KEY to open the container and tap into your power.

What Awaits You?

In This 5-Day FREE Movement Activation

(1 Hour a Day + Extra 15 minutes with Amara!)

Saturday March 23

Feet support you to feel grounded, centered and connected to the full intelligence of the body. Discover how they keep you anchored in the present moment. This is where the magic happens and new possibilities emerge!

Sunday March 24

The Belly is the center that adds strength and stability to the body. It is a place of physical and emotional digesiton. Our YES is birthed there! Learn a simple technique to bring more awareness to this center and release the blocks that accumulated there.

Monday March 25

The Heart is the alchemist that has the power to transform suffering into compassion and forgiveness. The heart is our healing center, that frees and integrates stuck energy back into the flow of life. Activate your Heart and receive an energetic boost to your whole body!

Tuesday March 26

The Head is where we process our thoughts. When it is disconnected from the rest of the body, our life is driven by limiting beliefs and conditionings. Lets dance and connect the head to the intelligence of the full body so we can become agents of change!

Wednesday March 27

Our Hands do so much more than we are aware of … Come and learn a new way to work with energy through your hands to support your unique expression in the world. Complete the Activation with our Hands and connect the full star of the body!


Why Embodied Movement?

Embodied movement is a way for you to reconnect to the pleasure and wisdom of your body.

It’s a practice of bringing attention to our own body and discovering ourselves as the dancers we all are.

Embodiment is much more than just being in your body.

When we recognize and practice awareness in our movement, we can awaken our vitality and harness the body’s intelligence and potential.

Connecting to our bodies is not something we can think of. It is something that needs to be experienced and practiced.

It is FREE and open to all!



Join this LIVE Event on:

March 23-27 | 1 hour a day
Saturday to Wednesday

6:00pm CET | 1:00pm EDT | 10:00am PDT

What People Are Saying

“I have never felt more deeply…

connected to myself and embodied. Amara and the music create a magical mystery tour through the body and the psyche. It is the best ride I have been on in a long time! It is the most powerful way to transform yourself within days.”

– Lynn Korst

“I love the experience…

of discovering places inside of me that need my attention and love. I love this path of dancing weaving spirituality and movement medicine together, I am so happy that I discovered the Azul, created and facilitated by Amara.”

– Deva Kirin Kaur

“Dancing online really helped me…

to BE a lot more with my body. The most valuable aspect was to feel the energetic container and the high vibrational field that Amara was able to create and hold.”

– Sara Francesca



FREE 5-Day Embodied Movement Event

Embark on a this journey, a transformative event crafted just for you! Let’s dive deep, connecting with your body to awaken its innate intelligence. Sign up now and let the magic unfold!


Meet Amara Pagano

Amara Pagano is a leader and innovator in the world of conscious dance. She has been teaching movement as spiritual practice for over 30 years and led thousands of students on a journey of embodied awakening.

She is the founder of Azul and offers workshops, retreats and Teacher Certification internationally.

“I am passionate about harnessing the body’s intelligence to support awakening our highest potential as spiritual and human beings. I believe that we are in a delicate and important passage of our life on this planet. And that it is time to rise and move towards a new way of living together.”

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