Enjoy the fun video and listen to Amara Pagano and Vincent Martinez playing off each other about the magic of OneDanceTribe.

One stream alone may dry out and disappear but when several rivers come together they gain enough strength to reach the ocean.

This is the prayer of OneDanceTribe: practicing the motion of coming together and witnessing what happens when we do. It is quite an amazing experience…

There is a feeling at these events that has grown stronger over the years, as it has been recognized and celebrated by all: a feeling of deep joy. A joy that comes from a mysterious place within. A place we all share, but rarely inhabit.

At the OneDanceTribe events, this place is touched, activated and experienced in the body, through the movement and the magic of a diverse and experienced faculty moving as one. The deep connection we feel awakens the memory that we are all a part of something bigger and all moving towards the same destination: moving towards ourselves as love.

Somehow, as this place gets touched, we get touched. We feel each other – we feel ourselves and discover how good it feels…so good!

You are invited ~ Everyone is welcome, everyone is needed!