Azul  Movement



Ready to get direct access to your inner guidance?

Dancing Azul connects you to your body’s wisdom.

Have you ever…

Been curious to check out Conscious Dance but felt intimidated to attend a class or not known how to find one?

Desired to be able to dance at home or outdoors?

Wanted to use your dance practice to receive guidance on something happening in your life?

Discover the power
of movement

We have been told by countless people that they had been curious about conscious dance but intimidated to go to a class or did not have one near them. We also heard from people that they wanted to be able to continue receiving the benefits of Azul dancing outside of the workshops and retreats. They had experienced how good they felt being in the dance and wanted to be able to continue at home.

All of this got us thinking about how we could help
to meet these needs.

We realized that we could create 50 minute movement sessions that would allow people to explore Conscious Dance from the comfort of their own homes.

And the result is these Azul Audio Journeys – 14 Guided Movement Sessions designed and led by Amara Pagano to support you in your dancing practice.

In these Azul Movement Journeys you will receive…


The opportunity to dance at home or outdoors in your own timing. This is a great asset in our busy lives.


These 14 sessions enable you to be supported by the power of movement to keep things flowing in your life.


These easy to stream or download audio files can be accessed anytime from anywhere.


Being guided helps deepen your experience of the dance. The guidance you receive in these 50 minute sessions will make it easy for you to stay in your practice and maximize the benefits of the dance.


Dancing Azul gives you direct access to your own inner knowing – with the Azul Audio Journeys you will be able to gain insight into any issue that you are dealing with through dancing a 50 minute session.


Explore the Orientations of Azul which are a core component of the map and one of the differentiators from other modalities of conscious dance. You will learn why!

I want to extend huge baskets full of gratitude and appreciation for your online offerings. They are simply exquisite and helping me sooo much right now. I am enjoying them so much, their integrity, their softness, their allowance and spaciousness… just divine.

Bachhi, Australia

I dance at home using your online sessions. I would like to thank you especially for the Journey Through the Elements – it really feels like healing! I’ve found myself in surprising places while I was dancing – sometimes so intimate, sometimes so unexpected, I think I wouldn’t dare to dance on this in front of others 🙂
So, thank you again!

Krisztina, Romania

Today dancing your online session I feel deeply touched by it! Your subtleness in guiding and supporting to open to the experience of space and spaciousness….wow, THANK YOU…. And thank you for your generosity in sharing it that way – that many people wherever they are on this planet, in whatever life circumstances they find themselves in get a chance to access it.

Petra, Switzerland

Purchasing these 14 sessions will give you a good introduction to conscious dance as well as give you the depth of Azul as a heart centered movement practice.

Sign up now and receive instant access to all 14 sessions

Use them whenever you want to dance – there is no limit to how often

Explore specific topics such as Fluidity, Breath, Listening

Be guided in Coming Home to the Body, Allowing and Release

So many journeys to choose from to suit the needs of the moment

Azul Movement Journeys

14 guided audio sessions with Amara Pagano

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Each one valued at €30
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“With movement, we can quiet our minds and listen more deeply. ”