Azul Online Workshop 2021 - The Path of Azul
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Portals of Healing

Understanding our Souls Journey

Each one of us is born with a blueprint – a map of soul growth for our lives. Throughout our childhood, we then have experiences that support this growth. As these experiences are mainly in relation to our mother, our father and to spirit, we can say that, most of the material for our souls learning resides inside of these three portals.

The body is where we store all of the information related to our experiences, particularly the ones that are not so easy to digest. Something that is free flowing and brings delight is easily assimilated. However, when we are faced with difficult experiences, our system processes what it can, and stores what it cannot.

The most challenging experiences form into energetic knots that then create negative behavioral patterns.
These patterns stay present in our lives until we are able to clear the knots, and integrate what we need to learn on our life journey.

With this video you will:

  • Come home into your body and connect to the current of movement that supports accessing the body’s wisdom.

  • Enter the portals of mother, father and god through the body, and discover what is waiting to be felt and understood.

  • Listen to the body and receive the information about what your soul is here learning in this lifetime.

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It is priced at €49.

As these are challenging times we want as many people as possible to be able to dance.
You will have an option on registration to receive a 25% discount if needed.

Amara is a truly masterful teacher. She brings such warmth and honesty to her offerings. If you love to dance and seek a deep connection to your self and others you will love Azul!

Mary Janowitz

Amazing to connect with dancers from so many countries and cultures online! I love dancing outdoors when possible – this allows that freedom


Mukti Khanna

as we bring light
to our movement ~
we begin to illuminate
the beauty in all of who we are

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