Edgar Spieker, Germany
Co-founder Soul Motion InstituteDance Therapist

Co-founder Soul Motion InstituteDance Therapist

Edgar Spieker is an authorized Soul Motion teacher and dance therapist. He was a member of the Shotokan Karate National League, he worked as a singer and singing teacher and later as a Nia Black Belt Teacher. Edgar has experience in various dance forms and methods of body work, such as modern dance, authentic movement, body mind centering, and dance improvisation.

His core values that are leading his work are honesty, authenticity and clarity. He is passionate about accompanying people in growing into their full potential. He believes that at the core of all of us is a dancer, a singer, a creative soul in motion that not only craves to be freed, but is also so much needed in the world.

He sees the work of Soul Motion as a mystic pathway that is asking us questions rather than giving instructions. It is an invitation to find our own feet, our unique way to move and navigate through the dance of life, so that our soul in motion becomes a clear and bright beacon of aliveness and humanity.