Enjoy this video where Amara shares an Azul perspective on embodied awakening.

This teaching moment is an excerpt from a live session of the annual Threshold New Year retreat.


We are living in a super strong time, and we’re in the thick of it … the time from 2012 to  2032…we are right in the middle. And it is interesting, as this is the moment when we begin to more consciously move towards the new.

There is still a lot to be cleared, digested, integrated, and elevated.

For a moment join me in rising together into our collective observer that can witness what is happening on our planet. Witness what is happening in our lives and know there is a higher purpose for what is unfolding that we may not be able to fully see and understand right now.

Rise up together and hold the larger human story. The evolutionary leap from an old to a new.

We have just crossed the midpoint. So as we arrive in 2024, we land with both feet planted in a movement towards the new. There is a word that has been growing inside of me. The word is MOMENTUM and this momentum is reflected in our astrology. It is not often that all the planets are moving in the same direction in our sky, often there’s one or two, three or four in retrograde. And now half of them are already moving in the same direction and the other half are all joining in so that by January 22, all of them will be moving in the same direction. And the result of this is momentum. It is a momentum that is carrying us over the threshold and into the new.

I know I’ve been feeling it, both the bumps of it, and the joys of it. The joy of getting these tastes of being carried and trusting at a deeper level than I’ve ever done before. And also the bumps of falling out of the current. There’s an immediate cost when I fall out of the current that is carrying me right now. I say things I don’t mean or I regret saying, I feel my fear, I doubt myself, I question things. And when this happens, it’s more noticeable and painful than it had been before.

It is getting clear that it’s not where my attention needs to be… so clear that I am learning and navigating to hold it differently, to find my way back into the momentum of trusting that all is well and that I’m supported, that we are supported, that all is as it needs to be.

In our time together, we’re going to learn to ride the momentum in fun and new ways. We are going to get tastes of that so that our system and our psyche and our heart and all the layers of our body begin to understand that this is the new – this is how the new feels.

That is why the body and the dance are really helpful right now. Because we are learning to feel our way into the new. We are not going to be able to think it up, in fact, often when we get caught in thinking – it is pulling us out of the momentum.

The body and our dance and our movement can be very good ways to train us to be in better alignment with life. This is what the momentum is supporting. And Yes, momentum is moving us faster. But it also calls us to deep listening, deep allowing, deep opening and deep moving towards. This is the relationship between momentum and the four orientations of Azul.

These are the Four Orientations of Azul because they are the grounding and the foundation, they are the essence of that current. And they support all the work that we do. These orientations are Listening, Allowing, Opening and Moving Towards. And in our movement we use our orientations to arrive into our body and into the current and into our field where the magic happens.

There is a way that momentum is supported by the orientations. These orientations are supporting riding the upward spiral of evolution and growth and healing – the upward spiral of awakening. This is momentum and we are catching the ride…

For me, momentum is using the orientations in their highest form. The Listening supports our capacity to track what is happening. We have to stay close to that listening otherwise we pop out of the current. We practice that through the body, listening through the movement, making that connection so that we can feel our way through.

The orientations support our capacity to allow. Allowing life to be as it is, allowing ourselves to be in the current, to allow transformation, to allow the passage through us. As it moves through us there is a clearing and digesting and integrating that happens…

These bodies are like karmic washing machines for us to keep moving and allow healing and growth to occur through the movement.

Our capacity to open, to receive the new to create the space to receive the new. That is the way that opening supports momentum. And moving towards… this motion of meeting the moment. We are in a very potent moment of NOW. Everything is held now – from the past, from the future, in an extended moment of now. This is that luminous space in between. This is the space that we’re dropping into now through the body and through our movement.

One more little detail… We are working and embodying and exploring what can support us to be in the current. And one of those pieces is the Power of YES. Our ability to meet the moment with the energy of yes. That is what brings ease and momentum because we are in alignment and moving with life.

Momentum is asking us to say YES.

Yes is a deep alignment. It adds potency. When we are able to say yes, we come into alignment and into agreement with life.

So I invite you to explore what happens when we simply add the energy of Yes – to our listening.
Add the energy of yes to our allowing,
add the energy of yes to our opening,
add the energy of yes to our moving towards.

See how that supports your experience of momentum. And this conscious moment of moving towards that new that is NOW.