Michael Molin-Skelton, USA
Founder of Movements Matter - Soul Motion & Open Floor Faculty

Founder of Movements Matter - Soul Motion & Open Floor Faculty

Michael is a beloved faculty member of Open Floor and Soul Motion trainer. A true transformational master that has been sharing the sacredness and the magic of life for over 30 years. Michael reaches through dance rather than teaches to dance.

Along with Anneli , his love, they founded Movement Matters -a movement where we all matter, a space where everything is welcomed. Recognizing dance as a powerful resource that cultivates change, growth, liberation, transformation and pathways of permission and possibility. A place of sovereignty.

Michael has been dancing since being pushed through the birth canal. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UCLA he performed and choreographed in companies both nationally and internationally for 15 years. He met Gabrielle Roth early in 1994. Later that year, at the request of Gabrielle, he began teaching the 5Rhythms. Michael got his 5Rhythms certification in 1998 and teacher certification in Soul Motion™ in 2001.

He has been a 14 year student of continuum montage with Susan Harper and his teaching of the 5Rhythms and Soul Motion™ has been greatly influenced by her mentoring. He is a certified Esalen massage practitioner since 1995 and is passionate about the art of touch.