Enjoy this video that shares a short movement experience and prayer from the Azul Live Class.

I am feeling super grateful for the opportunity to dance with you on Live Classes. It is balm to my soul and keeps me centered in the current of movement that can carry us through this experience.

There is something that happens when we move together. We know the magic of it when we are able to be together on the dance floor but I am surprised by how it is working in this new online format.

I feel connected to you – I feel some part of you dancing in the space with me. My receptors for experiencing through space are definitely developing, awakening the subtle bodies – the ones that exist outside the skin as part of our energy body.

And I keep getting notes from you saying that you are surprised by the sense of connection, how far you are able to go in your dance, how necessary it is to move and that you are surprised by what comes out of your dance.

It is beautiful and profound and carrying us in this moment – bringing ease to this challenging moment.

The monthly Live Classes with Amara is a space for us to gather as community and dance; to restore the energy flow in our bodies, to release accumulated tensions and to feel the joy and freedom of movement. We invite you to join and see what it brings you to dance together online.