Doorways to Love

Buenos Aires, AR

Azul Trilogy retreat 

Oct 11-15, 2018  

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Doorways to Love

Engage in a deep process of healing


Buenos Aires, Argentina


October 11-15


Starts Oct 11, 7:00 pm
Ends Oct 15, 7:00 pm

The dance becomes a way for us to feel and encounter the part of us that says “no” to life. This is the part that sabotages our happiness and limits our ability to experience love.


Six Doorways of Love  covers six core values that – when embodied – awaken love and bring greater health, harmony and well being into your life. These six values are: honesty, self-responsibility, kindness, dedication, beauty and service.

Together they provide the foundation needed to engage in a deep process of healing. As we work through these doorways and explore the shadow side of each value, we learn a lot about ourselves. The dance becomes a way for us to feel and encounter the part of us that says “no” to life.  This is the part that sabotages our happiness and limits our ability to experience love.

Movement takes us below the mind and begins to unravel the blocks that bind us. Touching and releasing the blockages that are stored in the body frees our energy to flow in more harmony with life.  The doorways eventually become a reference point for us to orient in life.  It is the embodiment of these values that creates an opportunity for greater love, within us and in all of our relationships.

To be able to enjoy presence is one of the best things for a human soul in evolution to experience. Only in presence is one able to taste the nectar of bliss. However, in order to enjoy presence, it is necessary to heal the wounds from the past that are still acting in our systems distorting actual reality.

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As you incorporate these values into your lives through continued practice, great healing, growth and personal transformation will result.  You will be able to awaken to our body intelligence, allow your heart to open, and experience more compassion, more of life and more love in your life.

Join the Azul Trilogy Doorways to Love

Tuition: $475

Pre-registration price $475

Payment plan available with online registration.

There is additional discount of $25 if you participated in previous Azul programs in Buenos Aires. Please let us know at your registration.


OASIS – Escuela de Masajes y Artes Curativas

Roger Jackson and Lucia Lacabana


(+54) 4554 6641

(+549) 11 3214 8006. (we are WhatsApp friendly)

Azul Class

Amara will also offer an introductory class at Aloha Multiespacio Carlos Gardel 1676. Olivos Buenos Aires

Wednesday, October 10 from 7:30 pm. to 10 pm.

For information about the class and the retreat:

Lucia Lacabana  +54 9 11 3287 3679,

Oasis is a facility dedicated to the teaching of massage and other curative art forms, within a context of growth and personal transformation.

Azul Trilogy in Buenos Aires is not residential retreat. Movement sessions will take place in Oasis. Below you will detailed information about the location.

OASIS – Escuela de Masajes y Artes Curativas

Ramon Freire 695, B.

Colegiales. CABA

Buenos Aires

If you are looking for a place to stay, we would recommend to check options in Palermo, which is close by and comfortable, with nice bars and restaurants at hand.

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