Conscious Dance Conference Gift - Azul
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Azul Online Offering ~ Space and Spaciousness

Enjoy this movement journey designed and led by Amara Pagano, the founder of Azul.

In this journey we will explore the Azul Pillars of Space & Spaciousness. What we think of as empty space is actually full of life and information. Space is very much alive and we are full of it!

Spaciousness allows us to be more of an open field than a closed container.

When we experience ourselves as more open we are able to be receptive to the information in space – we are able to feel our interaction with the larger field that we are a part of. Through this quality of spaciousness we are able to receive what is important for us. This creates some of the ah ha moments we long for where there is recognition.

We hope this session served you well.

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Enjoy the dance!

“We do this work until all that is left is love.” Amara

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