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The Azul Workshops and Retreats with Amara Pagano are designed to explore individual topics that provide a foundation for the work of personal transformation.

These programs are offered live – either online or in person.

Workshops are open to all and no previous experience is required. They serve as an introduction to the deeper exploration of retreats.

Retreats are designed to take another step in the work of self discovery and provide a strong container for deeper inquiry

Upcoming Azul Workshops

Awakening Embodiment

Embodiment is allowing our heart, mind, and body to exist as one miraculous skin. Awakening Embodiment a journey of relaxation and release, deep listening and honouring what our internal navigation system is showing us.

What if our bodies were our partners, our resource, our friends.
What if ~ Are you in?

Format: In-person
Location: Greenwich, CT, USA
Date: Sept 9,11, 2022
EARLY BIRD till August 15

Power of Yes

Our YES will never give up because it is the nature of life itself. It is our true nature. The NO we carry is a distortion and will eventually be dissolved.

In this weekend workshop we will explore the embodiment of YES and the work of opening our hearts.

Format: In-person

Location: Olympia, WA, USA
Date: Sept 16-18, 2022

Your Embodied Self

Our soul’s highest purpose lives within the wisdom of our bodies, and embodied movement is our key to accessing that knowledge.

As we practice Azul, our bodies guide us in becoming aware of what needs to be felt, expressed and transformed, bringing us into contact with what is true for us and our soul’s journey.

Format: In-person
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 17-19 February 2023

Upcoming Azul Retreats

Healing Masculine and Feminine

Your body is designed 
to experience pleasure… and your brain is wired to seek it!

Tending to the expression of masculine and feminine energies reveals the lessons that your soul is learning and leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship with life.

Format: In-person
Location: Kisslegg, Germany
Date: September 23-28, 2022
EARLY BIRD ~ Register now!

Azul Teachers Refresh

The Teachers Retreat is an annual event for Teachers of Azul to gather and be together. It is a time to receive inspiration and training to support their work with Azul. And provides an opportunity to be nourished and held in the current of Azul.

Format: 100% Live
Location: Online
Date: 1-4 December 2022


Enter New Year in your full power – open clear and ready!

The richness of consciously marking the passage – between what has been and what will be – has become an annual ritual that informs and propels the next turn of the spiral. The magic experienced in the journey is truly a blessing.

Format: 100% Live
Location: Online
Date: Dec 31 – Jan 2, 2023
Annual New Year Retreat

Dancers Awakening Love

A retreat to explore the power of movement to awaken love. The dance gives us access to more subtle layers of awareness, down below the mind, directly into the content of what needs to be felt and integrated.

We do this work until all that is left is love.

Format: In-person
Location: Kisslegg, Germany
Date: 22-25 June 2023

More coming up… stay tuned!

“There is a grace in relaxing into the experience of life.”