Azul is a conscious dance practice that utilizes the power of movement to awaken love. It is a pyscho-spiritual approach to the souls journey using movement as the vehicle for exploration. It is based on the understanding that in this lifetime our greatest work is to heal the wounded parts of our being so that we can connect to our unique gift and express our fullest potential.

The image of Azul is an upward spiral where we do the work of embodiment to awaken the heart, creating space for healing, transforming our suffering into self-knowledge, and awakening the Self, with ever deepening awareness until we come to fully experience ourselves as love.

In its basic form, the practice of Azul guides participants through a movement meditation that marks the journey of a spiral. Beginning in silence, the movements emerge into fluidity where the attention is placed on connecting to the natural movement of the universe which is continuous motion. Once that field is established the attention shifts inwards to listen and receive oneself, honoring the beauty that is inherent in all of our human experience. As we are able to receive who we are in the moment, the attention shifts outward to feel how who we are relates to the other and the possibility of co-creation. As the spiral continues we come to a place where we practice letting go and releasing that which blocks us from from love, delivering us to an expanded awareness where the focus is spaciousness, both inside and out. In the end we return again to silence having arrived at a new point on the spiral.

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Amara Pagano

Amara is the creator of the Azul conscious movement practice. Azul is the result of Amara’s love and lifelong dedication to dance as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation. Trained by Gabrielle Roth in Waves & Heartbeat, she has taught 5Rhythms® for 17 years and has traveled the world spreading her unique voice in this work throughout countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Azul is a conscious movement practice that combines Amara’s expertise in movement and embodiment with the inspiration received by her spiritual teacher Prem Baba. Azul facilitates psycho-spiritual healing, fosters self-knowledge and opens the gateway to experiencing pure love and joy.

Amara has recently developed the Awakening Love Trilogy a series of three week-long retreat designed to support personal transformation. Amara also offers workshops in North and South America, Europe and Australia and will start the Azul™ Teacher Training beginning November 2016.

Amara is also the founder of the global conscious movement community OneDanceTribe™, a new and unified field where teachers and dancers from different countries, modalities and walks of life come together as ONE TRIBE to celebrate the power of moving as one. OneDanceTribe organizes week-long retreats every January Maui, Hawaii and every June in Kisslegg, Germany and offers free monthly global webcasts.

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