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November 7-12, 2020 | Online

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Integrating Lower and Higher Self

Set yourself free




November 7-12


Nov 7-11 3:00-10:00 pm CET
Nov 12 3:00-6:00 pm CET


Integrating Lower & Higher Self is designed to explore and experience the nine matrixes of the lower self.

Integrating Lower & Higher Self is an exploration of the lower and higher self. It is designed to explore and experience the nine matrixes of the lower self: gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride, lust, fear and deceit. As we come to understand how the conditioned mind operates through these matrixes, we can unveil the masks that were created to protect us, but inevitably have led to our suffering. Seeing with the eyes of honesty who we are and how we move lifts the veil of illusion and frees us to live from our higher self, which is our main source of wisdom and inspiration.

Dance strips us of the false self, beliefs, imprints that cover up our true self. The body cannot lie so when we are able to listen through the body we hear truth.

We know that up to 95% of our behavior – the way we experience and respond to life – is governed by the subconscious and the habits created by the mind.

We also know that when we become conscious of our unconscious behaviors we have the opportunity to integrate our past and re-pattern the brain response. So, what this points to, is how important it is to bring the unconscious into conscious. As Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Why is it so important to raise our consciousness and what does this do for us? How does bringing our negativity into the light of awareness benefit our lives? Why explore in this way?

The answer is that with consciousness we are powerful beyond measure and can dissolve in the light of awareness those parts of us operating in the shadows. This is how we set ourselves free and begin to live by the guidance of our higher selves and the mystery of life.

You will become aware about the many subtle ways your lower self affects your thoughts and actions in your daily life and will learn how the various masks you wear affect your behavior and relation to the outside world. Accessing your higher self will result in a deeper connection with your own innermost guidance, knowing and wisdom and in an increased ability to access your personal power.


I am so grateful for the possibility and opportunity to dance into deeper and deeper parts of me, to observe and discover who I really am. I feel more and more integrated with all my wounds and my light and beauty. I feel myself truly moving towards love and that is so wonderful!

Gudrun, Germany

This spiritual body work has such an immediate effect on the body, mind and soul – cleaning my field, moving the blockages and opening my heart. This is a very powerful tool, may more and more beings be exposed to the joy of movement and find peace and healing within themselves and with others.

Noa, Israel

This time it was the path of simultaneously working on and experiencing empathy for myself, enjoying, having fun and being there for the others helping in a healing process and growth. One thing Amara is an example of for me.

Andreas, Switzerland

Join Integrating Lower and Higher Self

Tuition: €695

We have scholarship discounts available for this retreat.
If you wish to apply, please email

Given the current situation with pandemic, we shifted the retreat for ONLINE format.


Before registering for any module of the Azul Trilogy, please make sure you meet at least one of the pre-requisites below:

  • You have attended one or more workshops with Amara
  • You have attended one or more conscious dance workshops (5Rhythms®, SoulMotion® or other movement modalities)
  • You have experience in other forms of psychological or spiritual healing work
  • You are a therapist and/or use movement in your healing practice

If you do not meet at least one of the above pre-requisites, please email to discuss your participation.

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