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Conscious dance residential retreat

September 18-23, 2020 | Kisslegg, Germany

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Portals of Healing

Harmonize with your past


Sonnenstrahl Center
Kisslegg, Germany


September 18-23


Check in 3:00 pm
First session 7:00 pm
Closing session till 12:00 (noon)

Inside the portals resides all areas of human conflict and struggle as well as our key to freedom.

The Three Portals of Healing: Mother, Father, God, point us back toward our childhood and help us identify a core wound, of which all other wounds are but reflections. Identifying this core wound supports us in understanding what our soul is here to transform and ultimately transcend.

Inside the portals resides all areas of human conflict and struggle as well as our key to freedom. Focusing our attention on each one allow us to connect with the source of our pain, understand our biography and clear our emotional body by giving expression to our hidden feelings. This is the process of healing, wherein we can restore our relationship with trust, with our inner guidance and with the greater understanding of who and what we are.

The journey through each of the portals provides a space for the next stages of healing. The dance provides access to more subtle layers of awareness, below the mind, directly into the content of what needs to be felt and integrated.

The healing process continues until all that is left is love. Love towards your Mother, the feminine and women. Love towards your Father, the masculine and men. Love towards God, and the trust that all is perfect.

If we are able to come to a place where there is nothing left but love, we are free.

“To be able to enjoy presence is one of the best things for a human soul in evolution to experience. Only in presence is one able to taste the nectar of bliss. However, in order to enjoy presence, it is necessary to heal the wounds from the past that are still acting in our systems distorting actual reality.” Prem Baba

I want life to flow through me freely
with soft edges and round rocks

I want to love with openness and grace

I want to experience peace
and the healing waters in my heart

I want to see what is next
beyond the walls I have spent most of my life defending

I want to reach those walls and gently take them down

Until I stand


In love

This is the prayer of Portals of Healing. Important work.
To dive into each portal, Mother, Father, God and take the next steps of healing.

Peace is on the other side and definitely more love.


You will feel more harmony with your past, having taken a step towards healing your relationships and having freed yourself from the weight of your own history. There will be greater understanding for what has occurred in your life and its place in serving your souls journey. You will also feel closer to being able to look into the eyes of your mother, father and God with love and gratitude—and will feel gratitude for everything that has happened on your journey of life. And ultimately, you will come to discover why you are here and be able to put your gifts in the service of love.

“Azul is a path of awakening Love. What does this mean? You have to experience it for yourself! This retreat has given me a precious opportunity to listen receive and express the love that shines in my heart. Such a gift! Thank you” Daniel, Columbia

Thank you Amara!!! For me it is encouraging, … to see in you, which direction I’d love to go. Because of all you and my courage and being willing I could break through to life, love and real joy and authenticity. I start to look forward to what comes.” Ulrike, Austria

“Through Portals of Healing I learned to integrate the pain of my past into the life of my being now so I can embrace the future as a loving adult” Tessa, USA

“For me this was the most authentic experience in a dance workshop I ever had. Through the person of Amara, being and living/dancing what she is teaching. Thank you” Andreas, Switzerland

Join Azul Trilogy Portals of Healing

Tuition: €695

Now only €625.50 Early bird till August 1, 2020

Accommodation and meals not included, to be booked with LeTorracce directly.
Scroll down for accommodation packages.


Before registering for any module of the Azul Trilogy, please make sure you meet at least one of the pre-requisites below:

  • You have attended one or more workshops with Amara
  • You have attended one or more conscious dance workshops (5Rhythms®, SoulMotion® or other movement modalities)
  • You have experience in other forms of psychological or spiritual healing work
  • You are a therapist and/or use movement in your healing practice

If you do not meet at least one of the above pre-requisites, please email to discuss your participation.


Located in the beautiful Allgau countryside, with access to a lake and nature trails, Sonnenstrahl is the perfect place for your retreat.

Accommodation prices are per day and include access to the facility, pool and sauna and three vegetarian buffet meals a day.

Several accommodation options are available single, double, multi rooms and camping.

Spacious rooms are free of eletronic devices and radio waves for a peaceful night of sleep. Free Wi-Fi is available in the bar area.

Accommodation Prices

Single Room Private Bath € 98
Double Room with Private Bath € 84
Single and Double Room Shared Bath € 70

Dormitory with Shared Bath €63
Camping €49
Offsite day pass €42

Please note that if you don’t stay at Sonnenstrahl, the Center requires that you purchase an offsite day pass.
The day pass includes access to the facility, pool and meals. Please check in at the Sonnenstrahl front desk upon arrival.

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