Azul Online Embodiment Training Invite - The Path of Azul

by Amara Pagano

Video invitation to Azul Embodiment Training

I made a quick video to share with you about the new Training. Check it out and if you feel drawn you are most welcome to join.

For me the term embodiment is more than just being in the body, it also includes what being in the body facilitates. From my perspective embodiment encompasses the relationship between mind body heart and soul.

And more than ever I have been leaning into my own embodiment of the Azul Spiral to help navigate the intensity and complexity of what is happening in our world.

So I am particularly excited to to be able to share this resource with you in an online format. The new Azul Embodiment Training will allow me to deliver to you an overview of the Azul Spiral focused on embodying each of the components.

About PathOfAzul
Azul is a path of personal transformation that utilizes movement as the vehicle for exploration.
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Azul Online Embodiment Training Invite